Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Russian T-62A - 15mm Command Decision

Speaking of all this "Modern Spearhead" stuff lately, here's the first of many modern Russian tanks in 15mm: my T-62, which is apparently the "A" model and has some kind of odd applique armor added onto the turret and front glacis.

I could have sworn I ordered just your "garden variety" T-62 and was going to paint it up in Syrian camo for some Arab-Israeli action but alas - here you have it.  More than likely I'll just paint all of my Russian armor like this and use it as scenario dependent.  I'm not sure I am crazy about this model.  From the profile, the turret looks too short and almost up too far, like a PT-76.

This vehicle is from the "Command Decision" line and was a hefty 8 US Dollars...  Still anxiously waiting for zvezda to put out their Hot War Art of Tactic models....

This is a straight drab green with some tan dry brushed onto it, and a matte finish.  Tracks are boltgun metal from GW with a light rust wash.  Huzzah!  Or should I say "Urrah!"  T-80 coming up tomorrow, then back to WWII to showcase my new Russian Recon Company of T-70s.


  1. That is a odd looking T62 Steven. Turret way too small and running gear way too high.

  2. There's definitely something fishy about it, Paul, no doubt about it. First thing I thought when I put the turret on was that it was way too small not anything like what a T62 turret is supposed to look like. I've climbed over a few in my day and this profile looks nothing like one.

    From the side or even front you could easily mistake it for a different vehicle altogether.

  3. Check out this page - I like his stuff. But this T62 question only gets weirder...

    Here is the wikipedia definition of a T-62A, which, one would think, came after the T-62 but looks like it was its predecessor?

    T-62A (Ob'yekt 165) – Predecessor of T-62. It was essentially a stretched T-55 chassis with a 2245 mm turret ring, a new suspension, and an Ob'yekt 140 turret modernized with the addition of a spent-cartridge ejector; armed with the 100 mm D-54TS (also sometimes called U-8ST) tank gun equipped with the "Kometa" two-plane stabilizer. Only a very small number entered service.[7]

  4. I think its just a horrid casting myself. I do like the other guys ME stuff though. Nice link.

  5. I am inclined to agree, Paul. We'll see what the next T62 looks like...