Friday, March 29, 2013

Soviet T-70 Light Reconnaissance Tank Company

If every day is earth day, then every week is tank week.  Continuing on my Soviet plans, here is a light recon company for Spearhead, GHQ, FFT, BKC, or any other system that likes stands to represent platoons.

You can knock the teeny, tiny 45mm gun all you want.  Last week in a desperate struggle, the heroic Red Army's own 44th reconnaissance platoon of the glorious 2nd tank Army delivered the death blow to a Stug III platoon after an SU-76 crew had suppressed it.  Granted, VERY lucky rolling, and as all you "abstract" gamers out there know, a KO doesn't necessarily mean all are brewed up, but damage, suppression, and casualties are enough to knock the bad guys out.

Okay so back to topic - believe it or not, one of these tanks was painted in model master and one was painted with the cheap, krylon "camouflage colors" dark OD.  After a very light drybrush in tan, I love the way the darker on turned out and will use this OD for all my Russian WWII armor from now on.  Also spray ed a matte finish on them both and am overall pleased.

The TC on platoon 5 is from a battlefront T34 set, and the TC on platoon 7 is from the Plastic Soldier Company kit.  By the way, both models are PSC fast builds and I'm very happy with them.  Huzzah!
scoping out the battlefield in PSC's sexy T-70 light tanks!

Love how the dark OD looks with the tan dry brushing and the matte finish

light rust over metal for the exhaust

TC is from battlefront

This TC is from PSC

This green is from testor's model master "dark green"

which color do you guys think looks better?


  1. They look great! I personally prefer the brighter green, though I suspect the darker would be the more historically correct. Then again, there's no reason both can't be correct - I doubt they went around the factory with colour swatches!

    1. Like at the home supply store! "What color you like best, comrade Kommissar? This color will bring out the roadwheels"

  2. The darker tank looks way better. Nice tanks by the way!


    1. Thanks, Steve. I am surprised that a "cheap" spray turned out looking just as nice as a "high end" model paint. In my quest for nice hobby products on the cheap, this dark OD definitely makes my list of stuff to buy again. And less than $5 US.

  3. Good looking vehicles; I prefer the darker one. Love the T-70.

    1. Thanks, Mike. It is def a sexy WWII tank. Usually the Panthers and Tigers get all the glory, but the Russians had some nice ones!