Wednesday, April 24, 2013

20mm Sci Fi Concepts

Sorry for the hiatus!  In the process of moving...That's right - SOUND OFFICERS CALL is going to get some permanent digs!

Ordered some Dark Dreams Studios 20mm "Space Battles" troopers and got to thinking about doctoring up some of my own 20mm troops for some "hard" sci fi battles using FUBAR or a home grown rules set, strictly human against human battles.  That, and most of my minis are either packed up or at the new house and these guys were all I could scrounge up.

The weapons team is a 28mm support weapon that was affixed to a 1:72 Russian trooper.  Cool as they have that kind of neo-Soviet, planetary defense force, or rebel look about them.
The individual is an Israeli soldier with just a few modifications to his weapon and some widgets glued to his helmet.
Russian troopers from the winter troops, Atlantic set I think.  The support weapon is from the UAMC Defiance Games Troops.  Can be a heavy laser, or heavy machine gun.

other side.  didn't think they needed any helmets as it gives them more of a rabble look about them.

Israeli trooper with a Gemran Fallschirmjaeger helmet added.  Weapon is modded up to look more "futuristic" lol

kit added to his helmet.  batteries?  comms unit?  targeting device?  battery pack?  whatever.

the infantrymen of the far future still face the same challenges we have today.   carrying heavy loads and tired feet.  the future hasn't made it any easier.

going to paint him "corporation" grey  or maybe an urban camo scheme.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Gowan. Hoping after I paint them they'll look even better. I got lucky with how the support weapon fit on the Russian's shoulder! Can't wait to see what theyse guys look like.

  2. good conversions with nice figures: interesting!

    1. Sam,
      Desperation is the mother of invention! I needed 20mm generic, hard sci fi troopers and there aren't many out there in 20mm!

  3. Fantastic! I too just scored a couple boxes of the DDS Space Battles set #1. I need to write a post about that. I have been struggling with a lack of 20mm (1/72) sci fi as well. I hope you will continue to share your conversion with us. I had thought of using some moderns or the WWI Germans with gas masks by Strelets, which of course are also impossible to find. Khurasan is supposed to be coming out with some 20mm sci fi kit.

    1. Sean,
      Good to know about Khurasan minis. Right now the market is scarce for 20mm Sci Fi. I'm going to keep up with doing the conversions. If you want to do hard-sci fi future earth stuff, you can easily convert alot of the Caesar stuff and mix in larger 15mm AFV models. Space stuff gets a little harder - you need guys in suits. Check out the Heavy Gear Infantry - they are excellent looking and apparently are just the right size for 20mm? I've got a box coming along with some small-sized walkers to accompany the infantry.

      The strelets guys would be perfect for 40K guardsmen! But where to find the space marines in 20mm though???