Friday, May 17, 2013

Absence & a quick ACW game!

Attention Wargaming Blogosphere!  

SOUND OFFICERS CALL!  has been off the net for quite awhile due to its impending move into new digs.  Wife and I have been moving our stuff into our house for the last few weeks - all of the wargaming stuff (Troops, Terrain, Hobby Supplies, logistics, victuals, draft animals, ammunition, rations and other assorted sutler's goods) are now stashed away in the FUTURE HEADQUARTERS OF SOUND OFFICERS CALL!  Broadcasting from an underground bunker in Horsham!  (Pennsylvania, not UK)

The Armies....a sad state of affairs.  And this isn't even all of them.  The rest are still in my grandfather's basement in huge plastic totes!
So the move is almost complete.  Soon it will be time to start organizing and unpacking.  I have shelves which my wargaming stuff is poised to go on, and will be building a 6' by 4' gaming table!  So for now, ignore the hideous wood-panel trim and linoleum floor of our basement.  It's the only part of the house we haven't remodeled yet. 

In gaming news, having recently purchased a copy of black powder, and, itching for a chance to roll some dice in anger, I broke out the ACW miniatures and played 2 short games - 1 of Fire and Fury and 1 of Black Powder ACW!

The infamous "battle of Fox's Junction"

A Union battery of light 3" Ordnance Rifles deploys for action.  They would cause some major rebel heartaches until finally taken by a Rebel brigade.

Meanwhile a mighty Rebel host advances!

A rebel Napoleon Battery is damaged!  Finally got to use my snazzy marker!  "in counter-battery we trust"

Union troops deploy behind a stone wall ready to meet the enemy

 GAme was very simple with 1 Division on each side attacking to capture a vital road junction.  The yankees won the first round but only because of atrocious dice rolling on the rebel side.

What's more interesting though, is the fact that I used to absolutely LOVE Fire and Fury and I found the rules lacking this time around.  It's funny how our tastes change as we get older.

Rebel Brigade is low on ammo after rolling a smooth 10.

They charge the battery and, though eliminating it, are themselves disordered.

Epic combat!  Firefights at deadly close range.  The yanks would come out on top of this round.

The battle ended with 1 Yankee Brigade swinging around and pouring enfilading fire into the Rebel flanks.  This doubles your firepower in Fire and Fury and proved to be the deciding moment in the Fire and Fury game.  Now onto Black Powder!!

2 Regiments abreast score a lucky roll and execute 3 moves, moving them into rifle range.  In black powder, 15mm troops halve movement and ranges.

The advance to contact starts at the orchard!

Black powder relies heavily on casualty markers

Battery moves up to support!  They did not have the orders to fire, just to move and unlimber.  The casualties are piling up now on both sides and for some reason, I'm rolling LOTS of 6's now.  6's immediately cause "disorder" and that means trouble.

The yanks gain the upper hand!
I have to say Black Powder was very enjoyable, save for some rules technicalities that I didn't quite get at first.  Having read over the rules a few more times, I think I have the casualties, shaken, disorder, and close combat nuances down.

Those who say it's like a "black powder version of Warmaster" are slightly mistaken.  Some of the mechanics are the same, well, the concepts are the same, but the game rules play out differently.  The rules are simple, though not simplistic, and they handle horse and musket combat most elegantly IMHO.  I didn't play long enough to garner a good AAR - just wanted to show my loyal readers some ACW eye candy and that I am still alive and kicking!

I expect games to start back up within a week or so.  Painting may take slightly longer than that.  Still waiting on a release date for Zvezda's "Hot War" 1/100 modern models.  I have some small games lined up as well to include:
20mm Warmaster Meeting Engagement
WWII Spearhead
Force on Force Iraq
Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy WWIII Brits vrs VDV
Future War Commander: EPIC!!  (finally!)
Black Powder AWI with AAR



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, John. We got very lucky with our neighborhood. It's nice and quiet and tucked away from the sprawl and traffic-madness of the Philadelphia suburbs for now. My commute is increased a little but otherwise we're very happy with our home!

  2. congratulations! Looks like I'm not the only one getting a new mancav* err..centre of operations.

    1. Thank you, Mikko. You are correct on both counts, sir! It is both a mancave, and a center of operations!

  3. Nice looking figures and pictures...

    1. Thanks, Phil. The lighting in our dining room is great for pics. Plus we dont have any blinds or curtains up yet :p doesn't hurt. Is nice until my armies are completely banished to the damp, cold, unforgiving basement (incase my wife is reading)

      The figures are old glory 15 and musket miniature 15s.

  4. Fun looking game. The ACW figures look like nice little guys. I only have ACW in 54mm...
    Oh, and if there happens to be not enough space in the new house, feel free to send any of your collection down to me ;D

    1. Ben,
      Don't joke - I'm am soon-to-be unloading a collection of exquisitely painted 15mm Napoleonic British and French I bought off ebay, and 4 bags of unpainted Old Glory British and French.

      Before selling/trading them off - commenters in my blog will have their shot at getting them for FREE (plus shipping of course :) )

      Also will be unloading quite a few (read that as a HUGE lot) UNpainted 6mm ACW, 6mm AWI, 10mm Painted Nappies (british and french).

      My ACW are 15mm Old Glory (the more robust poses) and 15mm Musket Miniatures. By the way Volley and Bayonet is perfectly suited for 54mm troops :) I have quite a few of them myself!!

  5. Congrats on the new HQ- OH WOW free troops can't beat that opportunity count me in where's my raffle ticket - Cheers David VFW

    1. David,
      More info will be forthcoming! Have to post pics of the lot of nappies and see if there is suitable interest!


  6. Looks like some fun games and some good projects on the horizon.

    1. Thanks, Sean. Many fun games on the horizon. WWII spearhead still as well as tomorrows war, force on force, war master, and epic!