Thursday, June 27, 2013

Upcoming Projects

These project posts always seem to make a liar out of me - so here is a smaller, more manageable list of projects coming up:

20mm Napoleonic Project Mass Production
15mm Moderns Project Sov Tank Battalion
15mm ACW Project Restart - ReBasing and Painting New Units
6mm Epic Arma-FutureWarCommander-geddon

That is all...


  1. Tell me more of this "Arma-FutureWarCommander-geddon" of which you speak.

    1. John,
      I have a huge force of Epic: Armageddon miniatures - Space Marine, Imperial Guard, and Orc. I may stage a battle as soon as i get a gaming table set up.

      I would really like to use the excellent Future War Commander rules for it, as opposed to the Epic rules. Jury is still out on that though! I'll keep you posted.

  2. Replies
    1. Paul,
      Somehow I knew you'd be chiming in with that cheer! No worries - plenty of moderns going around the house. World War III is shaping up on the workbench, both in 15mm and 20mm skirmish.

      I have that huge force of VDV Soviets, Modern Brits and sub-modern Germans.

      And the 15mm purchases have begun! Huzzah!

  3. Good luck with the projects.

    1. Sean,
      It'll take more than luck! I gotta get my butt into gear and finish them!!