Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Snappy Nappies II - New Basing Scheme

Here are some Napoleonic "Battalions" or "Brigades" depending on your game.  These were already painted and based and have simply been rebased on snazzy "Regimental" stands for Volley & Bayonet.  I have enough troops to base another unit and will get around to that sometime this week.

Now they are fit as a fiddle to play Shako "right out of the box" or Volley & Bayonet or whatever else strikes my fancy.  (games with more bases per unit will take a little more tweaking but will still be do-able).

Id like to add some more ground cover to cover up their individual bases.

marching off to war!  I think they look very "peninsularly"

another unit with an officer

the HaT guys paint up splendidly!

uh oh....she's interested in the troops.  Best be going now!!!
Need to get a game on soon.  Hopefully some modern WWIII action at the skirmish level?  Or even some FFT3 WWII gaming would be fun.


  1. Nice looking figures. The bases look pretty good. If you're really bugged by the individual base shape poking through you could try some air drying modelling clay. I bought a 10# box for $10, and then immediately saw it for $8.

    1. Thanks, Sean. I'll take a look. I hate the "stumpy" look where the bases are exposed. I think, especially for my 15s, it will make a difference. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I've also used air drying clay for the same effect; it's good advice.

    1. Mike,
      Thanks I'll give it a shot. Doesn't look too expensive either.

  3. Replies
    1. yes she sure is! and loves her parents chasing her around!