Saturday, October 5, 2013

BKC Quickie: Northwest Europe

Hello Everyone,
Played a very short Blitzkrieg Commander game this evening after the little one went to sleep.  US Combat Command with 5 Sherman Platoons, 2 M10 TD platoons, and some infantry try and breach a German line, set-piece style.  The Germans in cover were all "6" to hit making this a really tough game for the US...

Lots of good eye-candy here!
eager Landsers take cover awaiting the US onslaught.

Panther unit in cover

Tiger and infantry awaiting the attack.

US forces begin the advance!

meanwhile the infantry move out towards the German positions.

"Treat em rough!"
 Things started out badly for the US and never really got better.  The US was advancing through clear terrain and the Panthers and Tigers both hit on 4 or better, which equated to killing a Sherman platoon each turn.  I did use the optional rule of not disregarding hits.  This makes for a much, much faster game.
US force advancing.  The infantry would stall out there pretty much most of the game as they continuously failed their command rolls.

3 turns later...
 The German gunnery was excellent and the American shots continuously bounced off Jerry's armor.  The Sherman attack ground to a halt and the infantry attack barely got past the farm.

US HQ and a cautious infantry unit advance

Finally a TD platoon gets into the war...he started firing on the Tiger in cover.

deadly ground to cover.  The Americans would have to capture those woods or breach through them.

The big cats were waiting.

US FAO.  For having such a cool stand, he only managed to get 1 fire mission out the entire game.  An inauspicious start for the King of Battle...

US TD unit knocked out.
 By now the US player is in trouble and quickly approaching the breakpoint.  The Sherman unit on the left is gone, wiped out, and the infantry's tank destroyer support has also been knocked out.

US troops occupy some rubble in an old cemetery for cover.

The FAO is still trying to figure out where he's at.
 The US infantry dismounts and takes cover, right under the watchful eyes of a German MG platoon across the fields.  US Artillery lands on the Tiger but fails to cause any hits.

Finally!  One of the last salvos of the Sherman battalion knocks out the Panther platoon in cover.

Germans readying for action!

final dispositions.

artillery targeting marker

German Stug-IIIs move out from their reserve position to finish off the halftracks to their front!  The Americans called it at this point.

some experimental German camo

my German mortar unit

It's been awhile so I thought I would post some things I re-learned from this Blitzkrieg Commander battle.

ASSET MANAGEMENT:  I realized at the end of the game that I had planned for tactical air support which I never used because I forgot I had it...track your fire support assets closely, especially for solo play!  Putting the model down on the board's edge might help.

Smoke if you got em:  Smoke would have allowed the Shermans and the infantry to close with the German positions, instead of crossing "no man's land" - probably would have saved more than a few Sherman platoons.  This is assuming your FAO can actually call in targets!

Tigers and Panthers are nasty!  Duh.    Not hard to figure out.  You get 5D6 shots per salvo with them.   Perfect for defensive engagements.

So BKC is, and always has been a winner in my book.  I haven't played BKC or CWC (Cold War Commander) in awhile but I think it's time to remedy that.  Once I get all my 15mm modern stuff painted up, I think a good Cold War-Gone-Hot CWC game is in order!!!  And I'll remember to bring the airpower next time around!


  1. Great looking game Steven. How long did this take to play?

    1. Thanks, Paul. Not long - about 1.5 hours. I opted to use the optional rule of not "discarding" hits at the end of each turn. Makes for a much quicker game.

    2. Like seeing BKC reports. Just posted one myself.

      Smoke would help and more cover in that field.

      I've only played with sticky hits.

    3. BKC is a great system (as you well, know, Mr Itinerant!) I used to discard the hits and it makes for a very long game. This was much faster moving I found.
      Tons of fun. Can't wait to play some more BKC and CWC as well.
      Thanks for commenting, I am enjoying your youtube vids, BTW!


  2. Replies
    1. thanks, Al,
      you gotta love BKC for it simplicity