Thursday, December 19, 2013

Israeli Magach for Fate of a Nation

Personally I don't get all wrapped around the axles about tank models if the differences are small.  As cheap as I am, I don't mind swapping a Magach 2 for a Magach 3 so here you are.  An Israeli M48 tank which will be used for my "Fate of a Nation" AIW wargaming.  This vehicle is paving the way for the rest of the work on my 15mm AIW Moderns.  I have about 10 T-55s waiting to be assembled and some Command Decision M48s which also need my attention.  I think this model is from QRF's line.  I purchased it years ago and had it painted as a USMC Vietnam tank for modern crossfire.  It's only seen action in 1 BKC game where it was ambushed and knocked out by some fanatical Viet Cong units.

I'm not very happy with the casting.  This is one of those instances where the Command Decision and Quality Castings line are much nicer.  (and I'm sure Battlefront's is top-notch).

 I used Army Painter "strong tone" for better or for worse.  I would like everyone's feedback as to the color.  (not the gloss but that tan/olive color).

This is Rustoleum's "camouflage" tan color, with the strong tone Army painter applied.  I kind of like the color.

The M113 is painted in the base tan without the Army painter applied.  Should I "dip" him too?  Actually I didn't dip the tank, I used a brush but you get the idea.  Does the M113 need a bath?

No decals yet.  They're coming.

Side by side.

On the table.  Guess I have to get started on my desert board...

Quite a contrast with the quick shade applied.
 The glue is drying on my first Khurasan T-55 right now.  I have a special "sand" color I'm going to paint him in.

Also, I threw some dice around and tried out some of the home-brewed stats out there from "Stopping the Red Tide" Cold War Flames of War and they're great.  My T-62 and M-48 are well matched and the special gunnery rules and stabilization rules really add period flavor to the game.  When my T-55s are done, I'll play some "Fate of a Nation" using Flames of War's stats and see how I do with them.

Until then I'm stuck.  I bought so much WWII crap over December that my purchases will have to wait until late winter/spring to buy any whole units for moderns.  (at least until I get at least some projects done!)


  1. I think the colour looks fine Steven. WW2 crap? Are you mad man!

  2. Paul,
    That was heresy to say "crap" what I meant to say was "stuff"! Thanks for commenting. The color is growing on me.

  3. They're looking good! Dipping the M113 would depend on how consistent you want the shades--I don't know much about the IDF colors, but the effect looks good.
    The 1973 war is what got me hooked on modern collecting, and it still tempts me from time to time. I would love a nice 20mm Centurion or M51 platoon.
    Again, its nice to see your take on these!

    1. Thanks, Ben! AIW is an awesome genre to wargame as there is SO much variety. Plus you have some great maneuver battles that were fought in the 73 war. I am going to use the shade on the M113 and see how it goes. It's probably alot easier for me just to "dip" him than to start all over with the Magach.

      I am very excited for the Battlefront "Fate of a Nation" minis coming out. I may buy some in the coming months.

  4. Hi, I think the Rustoleum tank looks pretty good! I'd dip the 113 too, just to be consistent. I tried painting some of my Israelis in Model Master "Israeli Sand" and though it looked way too green. Although I'm not an expert or anything...

    1. Thanks, Chuck. The only issue with the rustoleum is their shades but the Army Painter makes it look great after it's applied.
      Youre right about the Israeli Sand color. I've found it's too olive. You're looking for a mix of 50/50 tan an and olive. Admittedly, my Magach does NOT have that hue, but it does the job! I am going to basecoat my first T-55 today. Can't wait to see how he gets! Thanks for commenting.