Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Re-Basing Efforts Paying Off?

I finally decided on a crash-course rebasing effort for all of my horse and musket miniatures making them compliant with almost any rules set from Fire & Fury up through Volley & Bayonet.  Basically I'm going back to where I originally started with the 30cm square bases, with 4 miniatures to a base.  This "looks" right as there are 2x ranks (thanks for the inspiration, Ken!) and the units look more dense than they did before.  To be honest, it didn't feel right playing Brandywine, Gettysburg, or Vimeiro with skirmish lines...

Rebased for "Black Powder" "Age of Eagles" etc.  4 x 20mm troops per base.  

I now finish with a whopping 2 Battalions....

I relaxed the standards for the Brits to 3 per base but they still look OK.  How about those casualty markers?

My full French "Brigade" now.  

The ACW guys turned out nicely.  15mm troops based 4 per stand.  This gives me 5 full "Regiments" for Black Powder.  I can mix and match for Fire & Fury, etc.

This would give me an under-strength Confederate Division versus a Yankee Brigade.

The Yanks.

I need to flock the bases now.

Full 15mm ACW force re-based and ready for action!

On the project workbench.  My next French & British Battalions.

That's a new shade of blue for the French.  So far I am liking it.

This afternoon I'll be finishing up some modern Soviets and "hopefully" playing a game of Combat Team!  That didn't happen last night but I am still moving forward with the gaming progress!


  1. Nicely done, love the French Nap'

    1. Thanks, Phil. Unfortunately the project reminded me of how pathetically few French I have actually painted, compared to the hordes of unpainted ones in the boxes...

      I definitely have some work ahead of me...

  2. Ha, you rebase as often as I repaint! The Pine Sol company is a good friend of mine. lol

    Now, put those rested and refitted armies on the march!

    1. Hahaha that's true bud. But I think I'm done rebasing these guys. To be honest, I'm getting sick of tearing them up and gluing the flock on them... So I'm back to having them based for Fire & Fury, Black Powder, etc. This is how they'll stay now! I'm even basing my AWI guys in this manner.

      You're right - it's time for them to get back on active service! Campaigns are calling!


  3. I like them. Number of figures on a base is irrelevent to the rules mentioned ( and most rules these days I think) so your compromise on the British is no problem.

    1. Thanks, Ken. I was trying to get the more crowded look for each stand but the 3 figures works well for the Brits.

      This "snow day" is playing hell with my vacation! Wife is teleworking and daycare is closed so no painting for me today at least for a few more hours.