Saturday, March 29, 2014

More Russian Armor! The Petner Panzers Arrive!

Huzzah!  Reinforcements have arrived for my Soviet / OPFOR hordes in the form of my Petner Panzers ordered on March 24th (not bad shipping either - so much for 1 to 2 weeks!).  Here are some pictures and lessons learned.  These guys are barely assembled and I haven't put any of the detail on yet or painted them.

So the T-72 is highly recommended for ANY of you 1/100 or 15mm gamers out there.  What a cheap and inexpensive way to fill in your Soviet forces if you happen to play 1:1 gaming these would make great East German tanks for a Modern Flames of War game.  Each one cost me a mere $8.50 (US).  I bought 7 so I'll have yet another Battalion at 1:4 scale ready to hack through the Fulda gap.

Size-wise, and I'll let you all judge for yourselves, the T-72 fits in perfectly.  The T-62 on the other hand is massive and would most likely fit in better with my 1-72 troops.  That's not to say I wont use it for modern 1/100 games, just that they need to be far, far away from my Khurasan T-55s...
Petner T-72 with the details not on yet (seriously, they give you a TC figure, an AAMG, smoke discharge units, stowage boxes, and fuel drums).

Not bad!  Not too much different than the 1/100 in size.

For closer comparison

hurrying to Crimea as fast as we can get there, sir!  Here a 1/87 T-72 follows a 1/100 T-72 for scale comparison.  Like I said, not bad.

Ok - the T-62 in 1/87 next to its tiny cousin, a Quality Casting T-62A in 15mm....massive difference.

The detail on the Petner Panzer is incredible though, I really really love the kit.  I'm tempted to start buying up Roco M-48s and M-60s for my NATO and Israeli troops.

Overall, I'm very happy with this acquisition.  Lots of extras for the bits box, decals, and beautiful tank models.  And they're way sharper looking than the metal castings.  


  1. Great looking additions Steven. The PP T-62 looks a massive improvement shape-wise on the QC job.

    How about a size-wise shot of the PP T-62's and T-72's.
    Roll on Red Steel!

    1. Paul,
      You are correct - the QC cast of the T-62 is not very good - hence my decision to outfit a Command Decision T-55 Battalion instead of the QC T-62 unit. It almost looks like a PT-76 from a long glance.

      You got it - comparison shot of the PP T-62 and PP T-72 coming up! I actually forgot to do that.

      All in all, I'm very happy with the purchase.