Saturday, April 5, 2014

Combat Team Rules have a New Home

Thanks, MARFAC, for asking an important question - if you have dared to download Combat Team! and have a suggestion, question, comment, or maybe even an AAR, you may direct it here:

The group page will soon be the "official" home of Combat Team!  Right now, the rules and unit stats currently reside on my blog, but eventually, when I have a cleaned up version of the rules, I will post them to the Google Group.

Feel free to stop by and have a look.


  1. HI Steven
    great news! I' m tryin to register to the forum but something does not work. Is it already active?Let me know. In the meantime please take in consideration that , should you think it useful or interesting, i could support your initiative by translating in Italian your rules(obviously under the condition to have some spare time btw job, family, kids etc).:-).
    GOOD evening from Italy

    1. Buonasera, MARFAC! Congratulations, you are now a member. I have to approve membership requests. I went onto the forum and your name was there so I hit approve and now you are a forum member.

      If you have any rules questions, please feel free to post there.

      If you would like to translate the rules into Italian, I think that would be great! Come to think of it, my wife is from Portugal - I could have her translate them into Portuguese!

      Let me know if you get any games in and what your initial impressions of the rules are.

  2. I'll do for sure Steven.
    well Italian relatives, Portuges wife..seems you are a little bit european. As soon as Ill be able to translate i'll send you the docs.
    anyway thanks for the forum approval. Keep in touch