Monday, April 7, 2014

MERDC Madness - M48 & M113 15mm

Finishing up my US covering force.  All that's needed now are the M551 Sheridans and more US infantry stands and I should be able to fight a "proper" battle.
I can't begin to say how much I like the Command Decision M48s!  Very hefty and solid model.

based in the army painter "army green" primer 

Crossing a linear danger area!

These units will make up an Armor platoon for my US force that will go with an infantry platoon and an M551 Sheridan platoon to make an ad-hoc Cavalry troop for the mid to late seventies.  I can always have them pull double duty as Bundeswehr Panzers even if the colors are wrong.

M113 Buzzing along

The M113s are easy.  I have the Battlefront M113s from their Vietnam range and am really looking forward to assembling them.  I will paint them in the standard NATO 3 color camo to match the sleek M1's I already have semi-painted.  They will also go with the Bradley IFVs as well and would do fine in a "Team Yankee" situation when I have the Cavalry pulling back, and Team Yankee taking up overwatch positions over that German village.
A T-72 almost finished.  Still needs decals but otherwise he's battle-ready.  He is drybrushed with a combination of green and white mixed.


  1. Kick arse MERDC all right Steven.

    Those M48's really are the cats whiskers mate.

    1. Thanks, Paul. I love painting MERDC stuff. Will be even better when I get them on the table squaring off against the Reds. Don't be surprised if they "stand in" as M60s occasionally...15mm is expensive!

    2. I am thinking the same as you mate.

      M48A5 and a M60A1 are the same to me for this scale.