Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On the workbench today and other exciting projects...

So today I have a precious day off and I plan on spending the day finishing up some projects and making progress with others.

I must finish a French Napoleonic Grenadier unit today at all costs, as well as work on my modern Russians, who will need stowage painted, tracks and AAMG painted, and dull-coated.

There are also the legions of Petner Panzers that need to be assembled and basecoated.

Other Exciting Projects:

I have started the modern equipment list for COMBAT TEAM! and the more I work on it, the more I want to play it!  That has to be the mark of a "good" rules set as I am my biggest critic.

I am designing a scenario to go with all this Soviet Armor and I think I'll revisit the WW3 Obergeis Battlefield.  (for those of you who did not read my blog last year, check out this link and read as NATO takes a hammering that will be felt all the way the Rhine...).  Instead of playing the entire battle in 15mm, which I do not have the miniatures for, I'll play segments of the battle in 15mm, connecting them all to the larger engagement.  First up will be the battle for hill 442, which is a key terrain feature approaching Obergeis and Untergeis.  An American Armor/Mech Company team will be tasked with delaying the Reds short of this hill while the rest of the task force readies their guns.  That will be an epic game in 15mm!

Also - I would like to sit down and start designing a simple "board" game to be played with 3" square sabots and my microarmor using the "Standard Combat Series" rules from GMT games.  The idea is to play a game where a stand represents a Brigade and I can game the entire fight between NATO (US) V and VII (US) Corps and see if the Reds can break through.

The Cold War is going hot here at Sound Officers Call!

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