Friday, June 6, 2014

Modern Rapid Fire MTOE Madness: Mech Infantry Brigade

Having already studied the composition of a mechanized infantry battalion Modified Table of Organization and Equipment, MTOE, and its companies, today SOUND OFFICERS CALL delves into the wonderful albeit confusing world of Brigade level organizations and higher with the opposing forces (OPFOR).

The nice thing about Rapid Fire is its ability to field units like a Mech Infantry Division without going broke in the process.

There are 2 fundamental differences, it appears, to Soviet-styled mech infantry brigades.  The first being which type of division your brigade is serving in.  Tank Divisions will field a smaller 2-battalion brigade than Mech Infantry divisions, which field 3 infantry battalions.

The second difference is whether or not you're fielding an APC Battalion or an IFV Battalion (Armored Personnel Carrier or Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  BTR series or BMP series if you will...)

We decided on a Mech Brigade assigned to a tank division.  If for no other reason, I have a preponderance of tanks over APC/IFVs.  (although I'd be mightily happy if Zvezda produced a 1/100 BMP2 but I guess it's not in the cards.)
3 maneuver battalions and a self propelled artillery battalion
For a proper Rapid Fire, modern Soviet mech brigade, you'll need 6 BMPs or BTRs, along with 6 tanks for the TB.  Each Battalion fields 3 companies of 6 or 7 troop stands along with an APC/IFV. The Artillery Battalion would need 3 models of self propelled howitzers to support the brigade although I suppose you could say they're off-table. The Brigade HQs will be the subject of another post.

This looks like a very tough opponent as you have a 1 stand recce company for an OP along with the OP from the artillery battalion (probably a BRM or a BRDM-2).  You also have an Air Defense stand, an ATGM stand, and an engineering stand (suitably represented by a truck, or if you're lucky enough, a proper engineering vehicle).

All of the "ash and trash" units at the bottom (signal, NBC, maintenance, etc) could probably be organized with the Brigade HQs element in the form of numerous trucks.  You also get a medic!  Out of antiseptic, comrade.  We pour vodka on the wound.

Battalion breakpoints would have to be 50% of casualties rounded up since each Battalion will only field about 31 to 35 troops.  15, 16, or 17 sounds like a good breakpoint, Da?

Battalions are all Regulars.

Painting progress is coming along slowly.  Rapid Fire German 2nd Company, SYW Prussian Regiment for the Summer of Horse & Musket are on the work bench now!


  1. Solid post Steven. Some real food for thought Comrade.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Luckily the Soviet stuff is well organized in FM 100-60. The NATO stuff is frightful to think about. How the hell am I going to get solid Dutch and West German TOEs for 1984???

      Rapid Fire uses the actual troop strength converted to a figure ratio (1:15) so getting the "bayonet strength" is necessary.


      Lots of good info on this site mate

    3. Thanks, Paul - this is great!