Thursday, July 31, 2014

NATO Bundeswehr Unit Progress Leopards, Marders, & Luchs, Oh My!

Like Paul from Plastic Warriors, I also have been bitten by the "Cold War" bug of late.  In addition to the other projects currently going on, I thought I would take my new Tamiya paints out for a spin today and the results didn't disappoint (me).

I finally have gotten around to getting some paint on these Roskopf NATO hordes I purchased a few months ago.  I took Paul's suggestions regarding the colors and while my patterns are a little goofy, it sure beats hand-painting the disruption scheme on there.  The colors are Tamiya NATO Green, NATO Brown, and your standard generic black spray underneath, using blue tac for the camo.

It took me awhile but like I said, it sure beats hand-painting it on.
Luchs Reconnaissance vehicle

Mighty host of Leopard I's

Not bad detail on the Roskopf vehicles.  They're about 1/100 in scale.  Perfect for my needs!

Marders in their hide sites...

The mighty M106 (?) mortar carrier

Shockingly, horrifingly I ran out of NATO green through the painting so I had to finish with model master medium green which really pisses me off!!

you can see the huge difference where I used the med. green vrs the NATO Green...

This bugger will need special treatment for the turret.  Like everyone else, I think I'll whip up a camo net for him.  I was thinking Gauze but lichen might work as well.

No brown on him.  Might make him the platoon leader's (Or Co'y Commander) tank

tank platoon

 Probably won't get to any painting this weekend but these guys still need dry-brushed and their tracks and B.I.I. painted up.  (B.I.I. [basic item of issue] is a term used in the American Army for shovels, pickaxes, and other "stuff" that comes with the vehicle and always seems to get lost after field-problems.)

Lots of other projects going on.  Finally getting around to making buildings and more terrain as well as getting more WWII Soviets painted and based.  Also there is a huge lot of WWII Armor waiting for their detailing as well.

After playing some Battlegroup: Kursk and horsing around with yet more rules sets, I need to get back into the swing of some projects.  My next game will most likely be a modern game using the old, reliable "Team Yankee" boardgame rules converted to miniature and using the vehicles above.

Anyone remember the "Summer of Horse and Musket"???


  1. Great progress Steven. A real German feel about them. Russian green also works nicely.

    1. Getting there, Paul. The decals will certainly help.

  2. Nicely done. Look forward to seeing them with weathering etc. However first used blu-tac to define camo markings needs a big pat on the back, so much easier than using tape.

    1. Thank you, Mark. The blue tac saved so much time. I need to work on my camo patterns but overall, I'm very happy with how they turned out. Also very happy with the quality of the Tamiya spray paints and will be buying more.