Friday, August 15, 2014

15mm German Infantry (FINALLY)

Here is my complete German infantry force in its entirety.  Based for a multitude of rules set, I feel they will work with anything.  And they are no properly flocked.

I must, again, apologize for the unsightly black spot that is appearing in their midst.  The joys of having a toddler who is fascinated with modern electronics :)  But it's a great excuse to buy a new camera...

Their basing scheme is inspired by Battlegroup: Kursk but can fit right in with Flames of War, Crossfire, just about anyone's rules I think.  Here they technically serve as a Company but if you up the scale, they are suddenly a Battalion or a small Brigade in Rapid Fire speak.

8 Battlegroup Squads.  Or 8 Rapid Fire Companies.  Or a shed-load of get the idea.

Command stand.

Platoon leader and FO stand.

 One great side effect of having individually based troops for Rapid Fire means that I have individually-based leader stands for games like SQUAD LEADER and CROSSFIRE.  Pretty neat huh?  Now "Leutnant Stahler" [9-1] has his place on my table again.  If anyone knows where he comes from, answer in the comments section...

PAK-38 finally based.  There's another one laying around my basement somewhere.

The Company FO stand.  Obligatory dude on radio, dude with binoculars, and a rifleman (driver)...

Happy mix of PSC, Wargames Factory, Battlefront, Command Decision, you name it!

HMG tripod mounted.

SGT Steiner??

The motorpool so far.  I thought I had painted, based, and flocked everyone.  Not so.  Found 2 more painted 251's in my drawer of Germans...

kit-based SP Mortar!!!

Working night shift lately hence the odd periods of stuff getting done and stuff sitting around.  I have been on a terrain kick lately and experimenting with all kinds of ideas for roads, streams, buildings, etc.  I think the next game I'll play will be a "proper" Volley & Bayonet game or a Squad Leader in Minaiture game.  

By the way, I am rebasing all of my 20mm horse and musket stuff for Volley & Bayonet and will have dedicated unit stands for all.  I have too much of an investment in plastic to get rid of them and since I am basing my 15mm guys on smaller square stands for Black Powder, I figure all those lovely Napoleonics I painted up should not go to waste.  Look for them in future posts!  I would like to start prepping bases this week.

I will be reading up a little on Squad Leader today on the train ride into work, in anticipation of my first game of Squad Leader in Miniature (SLIM).  It's good to have more than enough miniatures and vehicles already painted up to play a game.  One of my favorite scenarios, "The Guards Counterattack" or "The Hedgehog of Piepsk" will be my first game.


  1. They look great Steven The Command stand and Steiner are Wunderbar!

    Good to see lots of work getting completed. The motorpool 251's look nice and nasty, just the way they should.

    Model on!

    1. Thanks, Paul! The pictures are taken badly but the minis are pretty neat.

      I had to throw in a Steiner reference from "Cross of Iron"

      The "Stahler" character is from the original boxed Squad Leader board game :)