Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Current Projects & Progress Updates

So when I actually get to retire to the gaming bunker, what am I working on?  Well here's an idea of all the mad-scientist stuff that's going on in the hobby arena at SOUND OFFICERS CALL:

  1. Battlegroup Kursk Armies: Lots of work on this excellent game lately.  Miniatures need flocked, and a complete vehicle overhaul is underway for my entire Russian and German force.
  2. Modern Panzerblitz AKA Arab-Israeli Wars in 15mm
  3. Terrain:  I have come to the conclusion that my gaming table and terrain suck lately.  The flock is too dark for one thing, and none of my terrain is conducive for fighting in particular theaters.  I'm tired of using Bull Run's "Henry House" for a Normandy farm house.  Keep your eyes peeled for lots of terrain work on this blog.  I'm starting some unique rubble-stands for urban fighting now and also continuing to look for good, cheap solutions for roadways and waterways.  (still looking into Hotz for roads and water)
  4. Aircraft Stand Solutions: Oh boy am I excited here.  Finally an idea I've had seems to work on the tabletop fairly well - only problem is I have to drill into my model aircraft.  Luckily most of my aircraft stands are inexpensive and....still mostly unbuilt!  
  5. The Summer of Horse & Musket: Just because it's August doesn't mean the Summer of Horse and Musket ends!  Still lots and lots of work to do painting up SYW and Napoleonic troops for various battles I've been planning.  1 unit for Black Powder (6 stands) equates to roughly 2 Volley & Bayonet units. Amd the 20mm guys don't go anywhere yet!  I'm still thinking of a good use for them seeing as how I have literally hundreds of them.  Part of me wants to break up their bases and base them individually for ALL THE KING'S MEN classic toy soldier battles or perhaps I'll finally get around to those big Volley & Bayonet bases for Napoleonics and Seven Years War???  Food for thought!
  6. The 15mm Warhammer 40k Project: I've been slowly looking around the internet for various units that would make good Imperial Guard, Space Marine, Ork, etc.  I've got a few test-packs of IG and SM so we'll see how they turn out. (hint - they're from Khurasan Minis) I may even grab my old WH40K book and have a go with them in 15mm...

Other Games I'd Really Like to Play - and it's equally come to my attention that I just don't game enough:  Well there's a big list so bear with me:

  • "Snappy Nappy" Napoleonic Corps Command Miniatures Game using all of those 20mm guys I have laying around
  • Squad Leader in Miniature - so close here!  so close!  I have all of the values I'll need for a good infantry fight.  My terrain is a little lacking but otherwise I have almost everything I'll need for "The Guards Counterattack" One of my favorite scenarios!
  • Panzerblitz in Miniature BIG GAME
  • Flames of War - Napoleonics???  (yes!  it's out there!)
  • Fistful of TOWS III World War 2 in 15mm - Big Kursk Game
  • Flames of War MicroArmour game - I bought those cool Litko micro armor sized FoW templates specifically for this purpose.
  • Black Powder Large ACW Game
  • Axis & Allies Naval on my tabletop
  • Axis & Allies Angels 20 on my tabletop  (oooh imagine with all the cool aircraft stands I'll be making!)
  • Crossfire Big Eastern Front Game
  • Command & Colors Napoleonics for Miniatures (finally using those 10mm guys I've painted!)
  • Warmaster, Legions of Battle, etc Fantasy if I can ever get my sh*t together regarding 1. What scale to use 2. How to base them and 3. Which rules I like
  • Flames of War Modern 6mm using the "Stopping the Red Tide" FoW Modern Supplement.
  • Flames of War Micro-Edition: I bought those cool 1/2 sized stands from Litko for a reason - and that reason was to play FoW using MicroArmor!  Currently I have a decent sized German and Soviet force painted (about 75% painted) and ready to go from the Fortress Europe book.
  • Black Powder Big AWI Game
  • Volley & Bayonet: Geez whatever happened to Volley & Bayonet in my life?  We used to be so close...There is absolutely no reason I have not played V&B save for not having any 3" square bases and not having the correct troops painted for the games I'd like to play.  So that's something that needs to be worked on.


Board wargames started it all for me, so how could I turn my back on them?  A coworker of mine and I have played 1776 as well as Volley & Bayonet back in December of 2013 and have been trying to get together to play DAK (yes, the original!) and Waterloo ever since.  We both vowed to play a miniatures battle based on how those board games went...


  1. Lots of fingers in lots of pies as usual Steven. I envy your big picture thinking :)

  2. Cheers, Paul.
    Maybe this time I can get some of this stuff done. It'll make for some great blog posts too.

  3. Jay cloths and brown window sealant make cheap roads. I did about 20 feet of 2" for £1.50. Best of all - you can iron them flat when they start to warp!

    As for waterways - check out "Eric the Shed"'s blog. I followed his river example to great and cheap effect (not as cheap as the roads, mind).

    1. Thank you, AH,
      I am headed over there to Eric the Shed's blog now! Jay cloths and brown window sealant you say? You have grabbed my interest, sir!

  4. All these projects look awesome. SLiM Guards Counter Attack is one I want to see. Hell, it's one I want to play.

    1. Sean,
      I still have some terrain projects to finish for the Guards Counter Attack - you gotta play that in a big, urban nightmare! But the infantry units are all completely done. Just waiting to get started now on them. I need to go buy some posterboard to start on some of the buildings.

      You're more than welcome to play it at my place. If you're ever in South-Eastern Pennsylvania let me know!