Tuesday, November 4, 2014

15mm 40k Imperial Guard! It can be done!

Breaking from the ranks and a vow to never play Warhammer 40k again, I thought I would experiment with the costs associated with raising a "respectable" Warhammer 40k force using 15mm miniatures.  This comes a month or so after a very successful transition to 15mm Bolt Action, which I had so much fun playing, I thought I would make the switch to 15mm in many of my wargaming eras.

Warhammer 40k has always scared me away thanks to its soaring costs, my own dismal painting skills, and the pains associated with 28mm miniatures (storage, painting, big terrain, etc).  Warhammer 40k in 15mm has always fascinated me so I thought I would give it a shot.

Here is the first half of my Imperial Guard Squad.  All miniatures are from Khurasan and are very nice figures.  The helmet and las rifle were what won me over with this line.

2 Imperial Guardsmen with Las-Rifles and basic armor.
 These guys, dubbed "low tech insurgents" on the Khurasan sci-fi site are really perfect for Guardsmen in the Warhammer 40k "Space Opera" universe.  They have that great "last stand" look to them and like all my other Khurasan figures, they are a JOY to paint with lots of raised detail and crisp features.  They lack the shoulder armor present on the actual 40k 28mm dudes, but they have a sort of chest plate as well as a very nice helmet system.

1/100 PT-76 in the background for scale.

Cool shading on the face.  bottom layer is a mixture of some GW vermin-inspired brown along with a folk art skin.  Then inked with "Reikland Flesh" then highlighted again with skin color.

Officer or NCO holding some kind of laser machine pistol.  Do they have an equivalent in 40k?  I guess I'll find out.

Surprise!  Khurasan's "Post Apocalyptic Government Troops in Power Armor" or as I like to call them "Not Space Marines"  Here he is painted as an Ultra-Marine although my favorite chapter are the Salamanders.  

next to each other for comparison.

I will still need to flock their bases but I wanted to get the pictures out ASAP.   I am actually looking forward to 40k now that they are in 15mm and incredibly affordable.


  1. Very cool, except now you have to contend with a very suspect set of rules. GW rules are just the worst.

    1. Thanks, Ski. I think they're resilient enough that I can use them for other sets as well ( including Future War Commander still set in the 40k universe!)

  2. you will love the 15mm Leman Russ lookalikes made by Proxy Models...

    1. Thank you, these are too good to pass up!! I am SOLD!

  3. LOL Take that GW.

    Now all you need is a decent set of rules.

    (Sorry Steve, I'm being a GW hater...must be more positive...must be more positive ...;) )

    1. No problem, Duc. They have a pretty bad reputation as it is. ("Greed Workshop" and their mind control propaganda)
      Still though, the game has a new-found appeal to me in 15mm for some reason.

      That said, TFL has an interesting Sci Fi set out that looks up our alley! "Quadrant 13"

  4. I like the look of all the figs! Keep going on this 40G (not 40K due to Kopyright) adventure. I think you've hit on something. Personally I'm waiting for Iron Ivan's Sci-fi rules. ... and waiting... and waiting.

    1. John,
      If I waited for Iron Ivan to produce those Sci Fi rules, may daughter would be in college (she's 2!) In all seriousness, I came up with a Disposable Heroes modification for Sci Fi but it still felt like "World War 2 with Laser Guns" and not necessarily like Sci Fi.
      I am going to continue with my mod for "40G" with my 15mm minis. Personally I like the "buckets of dice" of 40k and I like the cost effectiveness of 15mm.
      I also saw that someone produced a Bolt Action modification for Sci Fi.

      Also looking at Too Fat Lardies "Quadrant 13" which looks neat.

  5. Excellent, another convert, if you haven't seen my 15mm 40k collection, go to my site and peruse, I have quite a few armies in various states of completion, good choice for your IG, they will work well, I went with Death Korp of Krieg, let me know what you think, I will be keeping an eye on your project.

    1. Thanks Dan. To be perfectly honest, I got the inspiration for this project from your site! I plan on producing a "Spork" force, a "Blut" Pact force, and expanding my "Galactic Marines" force and Imperial Guard force.

      Vehicles for the Marines and Sporks will be the hard part.

    2. there are a few options,
      1) if you like modelling/converting then there are plenty of plastic 1/72 scale models that can be converted, the British WWI tank, the French WWII Char B1 bis, M113 etc, Airfix are a good cheap source for these.
      2) or there are some 15mm vehicles that would work well with the right paint job, like the V008T Glaive from 15mm.UKs laserburn range as an APC, or Rebel minis Titan APC.

      you'll find the right fit for your forces, good job.

    3. Dan,
      That's a great idea using the Char B1 bis for the 40k universe. The Khurasan and many of the Rebel minis I have really favor that "hard sci fi" look to them so matching up the vehicles will be tough.

      I may use the "Titan Marines" for the "Steel Legion" Armageddon Infantry


      and also the Rebel Minis "Kurgen Infantry" for my Sporks:


      I think with how the Kurgen look, I may end up going with the Char B1 bis for the Kurgen Spork tanks (maybe...possibly who knows).

      I did buy the Rebel Minis "Combat Flatbed" to see how it looks next to my Guardsmen for a Chimera. I like the idea of a British WW 1 tank and I really like what you've done with them! (your DKK tanks are AWESOME!!!)

  6. For Sporks, I again converted 1/72 plastic truck models to gun trucks, but Zrune lord has done some nice scratch built stuff here

    you could also buy some extra vehicles that you are using for your Marines and IG and add home made extra armour etc and use them as capture vehicles the sporks have pressed into service.

    1. Definitely will be using captured enemy equipment for Sporky equipment. Especially a Roskopf M113!! (if I can get some Vietnam-styled M1 Steel Helmets off of some of my Command Decision minis, I'll have one of my Sporky tracks looking like a Vietnam-style ACAV ha ha)

  7. I LOVE the look of these guys, mate: what a great idea!

    I started assembling a 15mm Bolt Action force but haven't anyone to play against (sniff!). I wish South Devon were closer to New England.

    (I suppose I do live only 20mins away from the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth, mind - if that counts...)

    1. Thank you Drax! I think 15mm is cost effective and pleasing to the eye as well. (that and I'm a terrible painter...) All of my terrain is built for 15mm games anyways so there is plenty of buildings and trees readily available.
      If ever find yourself in the North Eastern US you must come over for a game!

      Yes Mayflower Steps in Plymouth counts :)

    2. Almost forgot, 15mm is a great scale for Bolt Action, especially if you're already a FOW player - then you have ample vehicles and soldiers for a large battle!

  8. Might also be worth looking at these rules as an alternative...