Monday, November 10, 2014

15mm Napoleonic French Battalion Progress 99% Done!

Added another French Battalion to my overall French Forces today with the completion of a flank company to complement to fusiliers for my French troopers.

I don't even want to think about how many more I will have to paint so I'll just focus on these guys who are finished :)

Once I get the colors added and the flock the bases, these guys will be "le cri du chat."

Officer barking commands

Line Grenadiers - finally added a flank company!

New painting style.  The other way feels a little quicker I think, but these guys look nicer than my other battalion.


  1. Great job, 1% more! Nice poses and paint job for these French troops...

    1. Thanks Phil - they're good enough for the gaming table!

      With the way I roll, they won't be on the table long anyways!!! Thanks for commenting.

  2. I see them coming! Vive l'Empruer! on their lips and a burning desire to close with the enemy. Hey, ho, the old hairs are standing up on the back of the neck now, sir. Well done.

    1. That was indeed the look I was aiming for! You are too kind, sir.