Sunday, November 9, 2014

15mm Not Warhammer 40k "Galactic Marines" Update!

I have been making sluggish progress at best to get through the mountain of lead, pewter and plastic on my workbench!

I thought I would post a fun update to some of the "Not Space Marines" I've been painting who are definitely NOT from the "Ultramarines" Chapter of the "actual" Space Marines :)

For everyone else who isn't interested in the 40k(g) project in 15mm, I've also managed to finally finish another 15mm Napoleonic Battalion and a few other projects that were almost finished.

Added some sand to their bases.  As soon as it dries, I'll paint it black and dry brush it so it looks proper.

Again, these guys are "Government Troops in Power Armor" from Khurasan Miniatures.  I am really enjoying painting them up and they don't take long at all.  Right now I'm about 90% done with 2 tactical marines and their "brother sergeant."

Neat pose!  One laying down suppressive fire, another running into position.

I dig the aiming system atop their helmets.

Sergeant!  Different colored shoulder armor and a cool coms-unit on his head.  I gave him a rather extravagant auto-pistol!  (definitely NOT a bolt pistol!)

THe pose looks as if he's talking into the coms unit - directing his marines

Next to a guardsman for scale.

Surprise!  Bought 2 packages of "not Leman Russ" tanks from Proxie models.  These things look AWESOME! and are a mere 7 bucks for 2.  How can you beat that??  I'll have to be super careful when I'm cutting them out.
Next up, my Napoleonic French on parade in their new paint scheme.  Then some more modern Soviet Motor Rifle Troops!

PS Please don't sue me, Games Workshop!  All of these actual names are, of course, your registered trademarks and no challenge to your status is intended.