Monday, November 17, 2014

Bolt Action WW2 Tank Battle, Party Headquarters & Project Updates!

Played a very quick game of 15mm Bolt Action with some Plastic Soldier Company tanks this evening with a nice, toasty fire inside and cold, dreary rain falling outside.  This is the first tank-pure game of Bolt Action I've played and it was much fun.

Scenario was "roughly" equal, pitting regular T-34/76 against 2 veteran Panzer IVHs.  The Panzer IVs obviously defending a road junction from Ivan's patrols, somewhere in Soviet Russia.

This is also a great opportunity to show off a building project I've been working on I like to call "Party Headquarters!"
Panzer IV scanning the road for Ivan
 The Germans used both of their activation phases placing themselves on ambush orders, awaiting Ivan's first appearance.  Ambush allows you to fire during your opponent's turn.  Ivan has a platoon of T-34's trying to get past these two stalwart panzers!

 First panzer atop the small hill opens fire and scores a mobility kill and "pin marker"
 against a T-34.  The T-34 returns fire and the round fails to penetrate!  Meanwhile the remaining Russian tanks attempt to maneuver around the disabled T-34 in the middle of the roadway.

"Party Headquarters" acts as a nice piece of cover for this tank crew to hide behind!  Note the sweet propaganda posters!
"Comrade Stalin watches you even in battle!"

Mobility Kill T-34 on the roadway.
 Both Russian tanks maneuver around the bogged down tank in the roadway for a shot against the German tank on the hilltop or in the culvert along the road.

German positions!
 The PL's tank is subsequently KO'd by a waiting German and this short engagement is over!

Tank with "experimental" rust and dirt markings on it.

Soviet Party Headquarters!  This building cost me $1.00 at the dollar tree as part of a Christmas village set.  Spray paint, Army painter strong tone, and some acrylics will do wonders!

For the motherland!  for Stalin!

Platoon Commander on the right hand side.  He will try breaking from cover only to get shot up and destroyed by the panzers waiting in ambush!

Part of my 15mm Not 40k project.  Galactic Space Marines and Imperial Crimson Guard patiently waiting for their flock

Soviet 15mm tank platoon and BTR platoon waiting for new paint jobs!  Also, what's that yellow tank in there??!?  A 15mm "Not Leman Russ" tank from Proxy Models.

A shed-load of Normandy Brits, possibly destined to be Canadians.  

Soviet Motor Rifle Troops!  About 60% done

Prussian Regiment, another Austrian Regiment, and some WW2 Germans.

Also SdKfz 10 with the 2cm flak!  Finally some AA cover for my troops!  

Some plastic soldier company guys to crew it!

Unfinished detailing and weathering.  this has sat here primed for almost a year

Anyways as you can see, no shortage of projects out there for me!  Hopefully I can start knocking them out and having some proper games in no time!

Also experimenting with 15mm Fantasy and "Kings of War" which is available free as a download.  Very simple and nice looking rules.


  1. Blooming good progression. Love that 2cm Flakwagon mate.

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks, Paul. Need to dry-brush it a little lighter and add the crew. Hopefully I can get all the poor, bloody infantry based up and ready for action! Commonwealth forces have been absent from my table for too long!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one playing Bolt Action with 15mm figures. What maker are your buildings? I look forward to your next AAR.

  3. John,
    I have a 6 x 4 table so 15mm is a perfect scale for me. That and I'm a lousy painter! 15mm is a nice "epic" scale for Bolt Action I think, allowing me to fight large battles.

    My buildings are a mix. The "local party headquarters" is a dollar tree building from the Christmas village set that has been "repurposed". The one ruined building is from IMEX from their building and terrain set. The imex stuff is really nice and a little pricey.
    Most of my 15mm buildings in my battles are either from JR that I bought off warweb or musket miniatures resin buildings.

  4. Love the Party HQ - it looks like a great place to go for a party, especially with that festive garland over the front. For $1 I'd say you got yourself a great piece of scenery. I agree that 15mm is definitely the way to go for "epic" scale, meaning, to me, anything above section/platoon level.
    For a so self-described "lousy"painter, your PZIVs look pretty good. You're too modest!
    PS - Yes, you should paint those guys as Canucks. Totally, eh? :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Michael! Yes the garland used to be all Christmas colors and I changed it to a big, colorful red banner and adorned it with Soviet posters. I thought it would make a nice local party office for some Barbarossa or Battlegroup Kursk games, and you can't beat the price! Just wait until I finish the train station. I'm thinking of making it the Ponyri or Kursk train station.

      You are too kind - those Panzer IVs are some of my best but the Army Painter can make any of us great painters!!

      Yes I was thinking those Commonwealth troops I have would make great PPCLI or RWR and that's the direction I've been wanting to take them. Especially with all the Shermans and Carriers I've got around here waiting for paint schemes.