Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends!

If you live in the US, it's a good chance you're celebrating Thanksgiving today.  SOUND OFFICERS CALL would like to take this opportunity to wish our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving! We here on the blog staff have much to be thankful for.

Like I do every year, here is a link regarding the history of this wonderful tradition in America.

From the wargamer's perspective, I have my usual annoying list of wargaming things I'm thankful for:

1. Plastic Soldier Company
2. Ironfist Publishing (publishers of the Battlegroup Series)
3. AC Moore's (hobby store) Military Discount
4. NWS Minis (thank you, Ken!)
5. On Military Matters, purveyor of fine, obscure wargaming rules long thought out of print.
6. Bolt Action
7. Roskopf Miniatures (HO Scale train models but actually 1/100 in scale)
8. Too Fat Lardies
9. Khurasan Miniatures
10. Rebel Miniatures

That is all.  We're off to the parents house in a little while!   


  1. Thanks for the thoughts for those of us over the pond! I am cooking cranberry sauce right now!

  2. Styx,
    We are on our way over to my parents in a few minutes! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

  3. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Steve. My wife is an American and we were invited to a small gathering of friends, almost all of whom are expat Yanks living in the Great White North. Much turkey, stuffing, creamed carrots, pecan pie made by a Texan ... so good. Sadly, no football or beer, but quite good company. The best part of Thanksgiving for me is that I get two turkey dinners, one in October and one in November.

    1. Thank you, Michael we did indeed have a wonderful Thanksgiving! The celebration you attended sounded great as well - and the company makes the food taste even better even if there is no football or beer :)
      Two Thanksgivings! Huzzah!