Friday, November 21, 2014

That's a lot of flocking bases!

Ken and I are supposed to play Volley & Bayonet this weekend using Keith McNelly's excellent scenario for Teugen-Hausen, 1809.

We had been meaning to play this game for quite awhile but for various reasons had not gotten around to it so this weekend we should give it a shot.  I had prepped the large Volley & Bayonet bases weeks ago but today figured we should game in style and decided to flock all of the bases I had prepped weeks ago.

31 brigade bases, 34 linear bases (those are mostly for Lobositz, hopefully one day) and 29 skirmish detachment bases
 Well one thing led to another and I decided to flock everything that needed flocking...Soviets, skirmish stands, SYW Austrians, AWI name it.  hours later here I am!  My fingers have grown a few ring sizes thanks to the extra Mod Podge also, I may have ingested a ton of green flock as has to be high in fiber right?

Bolt Action squads now fully flocked and ready for action!

Not Imperial Guard and Not Space Marines!  Eventually Im going to paint and drybrush the sand and grit on the space marines' bases.

Surprise!  A "Trencher Mk II" Not Leman Russ Battle Tank!  He's almost ready for the first layer of camouflage.

An unusual bunch of lads for sure.Not all of them are flocked...yet.  Before I go to sleep they will all be done!  SYW Austrians, Hale's Continentals, PA Militia, 55th name it!  The gang's all here!
Anyways that's all.  not much gaming or painting going on tomorrow as I'll be up hiking in the mountains.  However check here Sunday evening Eastern Standard Time for hopefully a nice AAR of Teugen-Hausen, Volley & Bayonet style.  (now with nice, flocked bases).


  1. Very nice! Where did you get that tank? It has a real retro sci-fi look.

    1. John,
      Someone commented on my blog when I posted the "Not Imperial Guard" troops a couple weeks ago. (I think you commented on it as well if that helps).

      Anyways here is the link. I absolutely love them. He made a "Not Chimera" as well but I think that's special order only as he's setting his sights towards different things but I don't think he's abandoned the 15mm project by any means.

  2. Flocking heck!

    Well done. I find I go through bursts of flocking as well. If I tried to carry it out piecemeal I think it would be a flocking disaster...Mentally.

    Nice one.

    1. Paul,
      Sometimes it's just brute force and ignorance that gets a project finished. You just have to get it flocking done!!!
      All at the same time is much preferred to individually by unit!!