Wednesday, June 8, 2011

За Родину!

Forgive the title - just figured out how to get the macro setting on my camera to actually work AND finished this sweet stand of 15mm Old Glory WWII Soviet riflemen.

Different Angle - note the static grass - I have had good luck with that stuff

Here we come to liberate the motherland!!!

Side view - note the rifle stocks

Rear view.  Note the bedrolls and knapsacks.  Had a difficult time picking the correct colors.
They are originally based for Crossfire but I could theoretically use them for blitzkrieg commander, spearhead or any other rules set i wanted to.  There are many, many more...


  1. Nice paint work and basing. Better red than dead!

  2. Thanks Paul! Appreciate the comment. I think they look pretty good. I'll be painting up quite a few of them over the summer, 1 stand at a time.

  3. Very nice job Steven. Just a bit of advice. Given the figures are in summer dress, perhaps a bit of suntan is not out of place, so I would add brown to the flesh. Also, the uniforms were far from uniform in colour during WW2, ranging from pale yellow to dark khaki, with the shirt usually a different colour to the pants. This would give your Red Army figures a bit more of a 'campaign' look.