Thursday, June 16, 2011

Советский стрелковый взвод

My Soviet Rifle Platoon is finished!  I have to admit though that I cheated.  These gentlemen were already based I just re-painted them.  I think, for the most part, they look pretty good.  Please forgive the oversight or general mistake in painting.  Additionally, please forgive the small historical oversights of uniform as well!  I took a little "licença artística" but clearly the ends justify the means.

These tough looking troops are based for the popular "World War II Crossfire" Rules and each stand represents 1 rifle squad, and the individually based chap is the Platoon Commander.  I will eventually make 3 more Rifle platoons, with Platoon Commanders and a Weapons platoon to fill out the "1st Company" of my Crossfire Battalion.  To be honest, I think the Battalion will only have 2 Rifle Companies in it with some vehicles to round it out.  Though it did not take me very long at all to paint this unit up.  There is a world of possibilities out there.  Now I will start my Ostfront German Rifle Platoon!

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  Huzzah! 
Soviet "Crossfire" Rifle Platoon in 15mm minis are Old Glory

Soviet Platoon Commander leading by example

Soviet Platoon capturing the laptop

Soviet advance

Surprise!  A German "Hauptmann" watches the enemy advance with dread

The German officer barks out commands to his runners and platoon leaders.


  1. Love it, Crossfire remains probably my favourite rule set ever and I recall buying it in '97 shortly after it was released. It never IMHO got the recognition it deserved; very innovative!

  2. Monty,
    Thanks for commenting. If you like Crossfire then you will love this blog! One of my absolute favorite wargame rules sets. I will be sure to post lots of pictures of future engagements. Really gives the flavor of a short, violent infantry engagement and has tremendous potential to be used across the spectrum of WWII Conflict, as well as in moderns. I will be posting pics of my Modern Crossfire units and battles as well. Thanks!