Monday, June 20, 2011

Mein Erstes Deutsches Gewehr Squad

The first squad for my German Crossfire Company is sort-of complete.  I am having issues with selecting appropriate colors for my German field uniforms.  Apart from worrying about the M1935 uniform over the M1940 uniform, I am looking for a good, generic uniform I can paint that will not look ridiculous in an Italy 1943 game or a Kiev 1942 game.  I painted these gentlemen up in 3 different colors.  The lead with the crew-served weapon is a mixture of citadel codex grey and camo green with a tad of black mixed in.

The fellow behind him is wearing only acrylic, generic "medium grey" and the guy in left field is wearing testor's Medium Green.  The camera doesn't even pick up the subtle differences between my home-made feldgrau and regular grey.

What a pain in the a** trying to paint the shield and the eagle on the helmet too!  But the kit is fun to paint as always.  I wil repaint the guy in the medium green (trying to replicate the German "Reed Green" uniform) to a more appropriate feldgrau color but this is it!  These are the guys that will carry the Germans in the field.  Huzzah!

German Landsers advance towards the enemy

Note the 3 variations of uniform foregraound is the testor's medium green

Great shot - note the shields on the helmet

another good shot of the troops advancing

My home-made feldgrau - GW Codex Grey and Camo Green.  I think it turned out nice

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