Thursday, July 7, 2011

Archer's Brigade

According to the official Fire & Fury OOB for Gettysburg, Archer's Brigade of Heth's Division of A.P. Hill's Corps is rated 6/5/3 so its starting strength is 6 stands.  Looks like I have 1 stand to complete.  Too easy.

On the workbench are 1 Artillery Battery, most likely Confederate and most likely Captain Lewis' "Pittsylvania Battery" who formed part of Heth's Division Artillery.  Also have finished 2 x rebel casualty markers and 1 Out of Ammunition marker.  Cannot wait to post those.  Enjoy the pics - Huzzah!

Archer's Brigade from Day 1 at Gettysburg, based for Fire and Fury

Left most unit - they turned out pretty good!

Right - most unit

Advancing under murderous fire...

A shot of the Brigade from the Rear

The Sergeant Major in the background urges the men  forward

Check out these guys firing.  I don't like how musket miniatures now has varying poses in their "Johnny Reb" Regiments - what are they doing?  Advancing or shooting???

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