Sunday, July 3, 2011


While I have remained unusually silent on the affair, today marks the anniversary of the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Since all of you know my penchant for the battle and for the American Civil War, I have posted some pics of my 15mm ACW Project as a sort of eye-candy and to let everyone know I'm still at it!  These pics are mostly of Old Glory 15mm which I started a very long time ago.

Old Glory has very nice detail aside from not being completely anatomically correct, they do take paint very nicely.  My first collection were musket miniatures, which I also love.  The only complain I have about Musket Miniatures is that they do not have the detail (wrinkles in clothing, etc) that Old Glory have.  As such, I can't paint them in the same style, but you get the idea!  Huzzah!

Union Commander and Bugler

Union Regiment (or Brigade for Fire and Fury)

Rebel Unit

Sergeant Major Flaherty

Musket Miniatures Rebel Command Stand - New Paint Job

Rear of the Command Group

You can see the rest of the unit behind them awaiting their new uniforms!

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