Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Vierville is to the West. This is Dog One."

Even non-wargamers like the movie Saving Private Ryan.  I thought it was time for a quick break from the bustling work of preparing my 15mm ACW armies.  This is a Battlefront Flames of War American Company Commander or Platoon Leader figure in 15mm.

I thought I would paint him up like a Ranger from the 2nd Ranger Battalion a la Tom Hank's character, Captain Miller.  This is based for Crossfire as a Company Commander stand.  Dave F - in our future Crossfire Games, the American player gets Captain Miller and lots of die roll bonuses!

Captain Miller directs stragglers on Omaha Beach's Dog Green Sector

Note my lame attempt at painting a Ranger patch.

The Thompson looks a little funny but oh well.  You get the idea.  
Rear shot - note the distinctive helmet markings that denote a Ranger Officer on D-Day.

I think he turned out nicely.
That being said, I ended up basing 2 x Union Brigades tonight for Fire and Fury.  Meredith's Iron Brigade and Cutler's elite Brigade, both of Wadsworth's Division.  They won't take too long to paint up.  Looking forward to having 2 complete ACW Divisions on the table soon!  Then I can start other projects.  What to start though?  I suppose I will follow my projects guide posted a few weeks earlier.  Meanwhile, please enjoy the pics.  Huzzah!

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  1. Nice. Actually, I think the patch was very good attempt