Monday, December 12, 2011

Progress Pictures: Battle of Hubbardton Project

Hello Everyone,
Lots of pictures coming as I finally got around to snapping some pics of the new Hubbardton (Saratoga Campaign) troops.  Troops are mostly Musket Miniatures with a splash of Minifigs thrown in for good measure.

I apologize for the dubious quality of the pics.  I tried to keep the quality at a low resolution so these wouldn't take up much space and also would be quick to upload.

Only troops missing are the British Lights and Hessians.  All the Continental Forces are complete for this engagement!  Huzzah!
British Combined Grenadier Battalion #1, Saratoga Campaign

Combined Grenadier Battalion #1, Saratoga Campaign

British 24th Foot Marching

British 24th Foot (South Wales Borderers)

2nd NH Line

2nd NH Colors

A minifigs trooper of the 2nd NH Infantry

11th Mass Infantry

11th Mass Infantry ca 1777

Green Mountain Boys Right Flank

Green Mountain Boys

The officers

Major Acland (British Army) and Colonel Nathan Hale (New Hampshire)

Colonel Ebeneezer Francis and Colonel Seth Warner

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