Friday, January 27, 2012

Upcoming Projects

Requiem for 6mm...or not?
Maybe I was a bit rash when I said 6mm was dead...  last night I had a few completed 6mm regiments of ACW infantry from adler and baccus sitting around.  One thing invariably led to another and I started ripping them OFF their bases and affixing them to Volley & Bayonet "Brigade" sized bases to make a complete V&B Division and supporting Corps Artillery.  Looks pretty neat and I am going to add grass, rocks, fences, and some other accoutrements to the stands to make them look even better.  *SIGH* it's the Gamer ADD setting in once again!

Disposable Heroes: WWII / Modern
That being said, the other projects on the list have not disappeared either.  Right now I am almost finished with the first couple German and American squads for my Disposable Heroes skirmish units and plan on fielding an American, German, Russian, Fallschirmjager, and eventually British and Japanese platoon. 
I am going to start a series of quick and brutal skirmish actions to get a better grasp of Disposable Heroes by slowly integrating vehicles and bigger support weapons into the mix.

15mm WWII Crossfire
I am always fighting the good fight with my Crossfire minis.  Having completed the Russian Rifle Company, I am almost finished with the American and German Companies as well and as soon as those 2 companies are ready, I'll be able to finally game a good battle with those minis.  I am also going to use them for BKC and GHQ's rules as well.

20mm Peninsular Napoleonics
I have finally started my 20mm Nappies project.  1 Soldier finished....about 400 more to go!


  1. The V&B bases with 6mm figures leave plenty of room for extras. Looking forward to seeing some photos.

  2. Mike,
    So far so good. The glue is drying on the troops but I am working on how I'm going to "decorate" the brigade stands. (fences, shrubbery, roads, etc). I really like the potential to create mini dioramas, especially with the Artillery batteries. Now I am mounting 2 guns on a stand with crews, boxes, etc and it looks like a battery position. I will be sure to post pictures when I complete some stands.