Friday, January 20, 2012

WWII 15mm German Camouflage Experiment

Since this worked pretty well on my 20mm guys I thought I would try the same concept out on my 15mm troops.

I am still working on a 15mm German Rifle Company for Crossfire and have some great Old Glory troops with helmet covers as well as smocks (zeltbahns?  can't be sure I'm not that good at identifying and too lazy to go google it right now) to model it for us.

I used the colors in the Flames of War paint guide for German Fallschirmjaegers.  While I am not painting Fallschirmjaegers, I thought the finished product from the FOW site looked pretty good so I went with it.
Why not use the SS Pea Dot pattern you ask?  Well I tried it and I keep bungling it up.  Plus I think it's too dark.  I want to experiment with the reversible smocks as well and see if I can get that cool "dark green on light green" amoeba thing like the Germans had.

Fig in the forefront is an Old Glory 15mm PanzerGrenadier I think.  The plant he stuck in his helmet is a nice touch.

I modeled them next to troops in the standard uniform so you can see the difference.  It's subtle but a nice effect.

Squad advancing.  

Flank shot.
Bear in mind that this stand isn't ready just yet.  I need to redo the basework with some grass, rocks, etc.  Obviously there is still some kit I need to paint and need to finish the boots as well but I wanted to get something out there!

I suppose since I mentioned them you will want to see my 20mm WWII guys as well?  Well don't fret!  I am starting the finishing touches on my Disposable Hero squads this evening.  I will have them out tomorrow.  1 step closer to finally playing that BKC Battle of the Bulge game!



  1. They look great so far. I don't know about 15mm but a technique for 54 and 20mm German camo that I have used for a while is to pint a coat of light tan, then some dark green almost black blotches. Once that dries I use a rough brush and dab some almost yellow-light green blotches everywhere there is a dark green blotch, neither one is completely covering another color, so it has that rough dot look. It has a nice affect for SS camo. Keep up the good work. Ben.

  2. Thanks Ben. I am going to post my 20mm Germans and Americans today - based and ready for action!

    My technique is pretty straight forward. I like block-painting the clothing and kit (for the most part) and then for the camo I dab testor's acrylic "medium green" and then dab their "rust". Once that dries, I use a small brush and put streaks on for the "rain" pattern.
    The base is Folk Art "Pebblebrook" which I use for my ACUPAT tan as well. It's a little bright for that German tan-green, but it takes the green and rust wonderfully I think, and when you have the black undercoat, it shows off the details really well.
    Thanks for commenting and tune in soon to see my 20mm Disposable Heroes troops.


  3. Great looking figures and anything to do with Crossfire gets my vote!

  4. Thanks Monty, nothing as good as your Cross of Iron PSC guys but they're not bad! Thanks for commenting.