Thursday, February 2, 2012

Disposable Heroes: WWII Americans

Bloody Yanks.  Dog-faces.  GI's.  The American Soldier in WWII had many monikers and Caesar miniatures captures all of those perfectly!
Here is a small sampling of my first batch of American troops from WWII based for Disposable Heroes, the popular skirmish game from Iron Ivan Games.

These troops are painted as belonging to the US Army's 4th Infantry Division (Steadfast & Loyal) who stormed Utah Beach on D-Day.  (the Ivy Division will always hold a special place in my heart as they were the unit I always seemed to serve either with or alongside in Iraq)

 I am planning on playing a small skirmish this weekend with the forces I have.  Should be fun.  I'll try a few attack scenarios out for US and German troops.  Pictures to follow.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pics.  I think they look better than the Germans I posted last night.  Huzzah!
BAR Team minus some riflemen

Platoon Command Team Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant

Platoon Leader decides the next move...

Supporting the advance!


The Soldier marching is one of my favorites - great detail!

Thompson Gunner

The squad bursts into action

Just painted the helmet markings for the PL and PSG....
 I barely have enough troops for a rifle team and a BAR team along with the platoon command team minus the RTO (radio telephone operator). Need to work up another American squad along with a radio-man for the Platoon Leader.  With the Germans I need to finish some MG34/42 teams.  We'll see how well the Armourfast troops paint up!  


  1. Excellent set of figures you have there looking forward to the AAR.

  2. Thanks Greg, it is a pretty nice collection I've worked on through the years! Appreciate the comments :)

  3. Very good work Steven. I love how the uniforms came out.

  4. THanks Ben - these guys were a joy to paint. Caesar are fairly easy and the detail stands out very well.

    Unfortunately I had to go back and work on my 15mm guys for Crossfire but am seriously looking forward to starting my next few batches (squads) of the 1:72 guys.