Thursday, February 9, 2012

US 57mm Anti Tank Gun

In an effort to save some money I thought I would try and build an Anti Tank Gun.  What's the logic?  Well consider I might play 2 to 3 scenarios per year with it, there aren't many good hobby shops with model kits around me, and frankly I just wanted the challenge.

I have to say it went pretty well building it , and it turned out almost exactly like I thought it would - save for one minor detail - it's too big!  Anti Tank guns are built to be manhandled and this behemoth is definitely not as "portable" as its real-life cousin.  

Still though, it will make a nice addition to my US Forces once it's painted.

Next project is a PAK 40.  Enjoy.  Now back to painting more French Fusiliers!

Can't wait until it is painted.

I wonder if General Dean is satisfied with their position?

I'd have to call this thing at least 1:76 or maybe even 1:87.  Note how he towers over the poor 15mm guys in the background...

Note how the gunner almost has to squat his body down to receive the benevolent cover 


  1. Good work! Looking forward to seeing your PAK 40 ;)

  2. Thanks, Monty! Just wait until it's painted! PAK 40 should be fun. Different angles with the front armor so it should be challenging. Can't wait to get these guys into the fight.