Tuesday, April 3, 2012

From the Procurement Office...

Ordered some welcome reinforcements tonight to bolster my WWII 15mm (1/100) forces off of Amazon and I am amazed at how much money you can save if you dig around. 
The Plastic Zvezda miniatures are amazing and some of the prices off US Amazon are incredible.  I spend a little over 30 dollars US for the following (NOT counting shipping..which put me well over 30). 

Ordered 2 of these sweet T-34/76 for less than 9 bucks

Ordered 1 KV-1 for less than 5 bucks

Ordered a Panzer IVF2 for under 5 bucks

Ordered 5 of these 251/1s for under 4 dollars apiece!!  That's almost 10 dollars less than PSC - but will their quality hold up?


  1. Do these come five in a box or just a single model each box?


  2. Kilgore,
    They come just one single model each box - but the box prices are roughly 4 bucks on Amazon. While I can't vouch for Zvezda's 15mm quality, I can tell you I am a fan of their 1/72 stuff.

    PSC is near and dear to my heart now, but I will use these Zvezda reinforcements to round out my collection. (the trucks is a deal in itself - I got 3 Opel Blitz trucks for a little over 12 bucks! I will post pics when the reinforcement convoy arrives!


  3. A nice haul at good prices Steven!

  4. Thanks, Paul - I was quite amazed myself when I saw how much they cost. These vehicles will do much to round out the collection.