Saturday, April 7, 2012

Next Eastern Front Scenario....

While I've played this scenario many times before, I have to admit I'm excited about playing it in 15mm!  Scenario is the "Introductory Scenario" from GHQ's WWII MicroArmour rules.  Pits 2 roughly equal forces against each other with a German tank-infantry battalion team and a Soviet tank battalion with a company of submachine gun infantry in support.  Both sides have artillery support and I'm thinking there will be dedicated air support as well.  Can't wait!  (lots of painting to do before this battle however...)

Also - I'll accept tactical strategies if anyone wants to submit their solution for the problem.  If your submission wins, you'll gain fame and notoriety by having your plan acted out on the 15mm tabletop!  Huzzah!

Map from the GHQ Website (and in the rule book).  I think an additional ford over the river will add some spice to the game.
Victory conditions are self-explanatory.  My kind of party!
The German forces.  Looks like trouble for the Russians.
The Russians will have to use their artillery to tip the balance.  High ground suddenly becomes important for Forward Observers!
The statistics for the units

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