Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trouble in Tarmiyah, 2008: More Modern Crossfire!

The UAV shot I posted yesterday is part of the battle I am posting today.  This action was an American raid on a Sunni insurgent leader's house in Tarmiyah, Iraq, however things did not go off as planned for the Americans, as they disrupted a major gathering of terrorists prior to an operation.

Original plan was for 1st squad to establish blocking positions on the highway, 2nd squad to establish cordon positions around the house, and 3rd squad to go in "hard."

What ended up happening?  Well for starters none of the targets of the raid were even in the house and instead a security element ambushed 2nd squad as they were moving in their bradley IFV to surround the house.  Intense RPG and rifle fire erupted from the grove and 3rd squad was ambushed as they stormed the house by stay-behind security elements.

This battle didn't go well for the insurgents, who were only able to knock out 1 US fireteam in the end of the game.  The US player, through some sh*t hot rolling was able to establish the platoon headquarters and M240 section atop the house and pretty much owned the insurgents the whole time after.

Every attempt to form a crossfire via radio succeeded, whereas the insurgents never got to use their Improvised Explosive Devices.
Fireteam Alpha, 1st Squad on the road.  

Fireteam Bravo, 1st Squad, on the road south of the house

Second squad is hit, forcing a dismount.  The red die is my"NO FIRE" marker.  The building to the right is a mosque.  US Forces have specific requirements to not hit the mosque unless permission is forthcoming.

Second squad in a small tree grove, engaging insurgents in the palm grove and orchard.  Note the bent barrels!  The bane of the plastic toy soldier hobby!

View from the Predator on-station.  Note the Bradley squad mixing it up with the insurgents.  The target house is just off to the left, out of the pic

The grove... The target of the raid is seen in the lower left emerging from the grove and directing mortar fire.

Vicious close combat in the target house as third squad emerges victorious.

Second squad still holding on.  Pinned down but not knocked out!  The bradley soaked up every RPG thrown at it.

American PL and M240 have arrived.

Insurgent team occupies the Mosque to try and take out US Forces.  The PL immediately requests permission to engage targets.  They roll a 6...good bye terrorist a**holes!

US Fireteam in the mosque.  This close combat didn't last long either.

US Forces engaging the insurgent cadre in the palm grove.  The battle is almost finished.  The US Player lost 1 fireteam's worth of troops as they entered the grove and were ambushed by an insurgent fireteam.  The guys in this pic are mopping up.

Shot from the UAV shows the mortar team but no more insurgents left at this point!

US PL still trying to get Attack Aviation (AH 64 APaches online) which would never show up...

The last insurgent fireteam...The raid HVI (high value individual) is on the right...
What an awesome game and if you look at yesterday's post, I had a little fun with powerpoint and made a fake Predator Feed screen complete with made-up telemetry data.  I am really going to use that technique from now on as it's a lot of fun.
Posted yesterday but I just couldn't help myself!!  It's that cool...

This game didn't see the use of all of the vehicles as the action was just too fast moving and there was literally so much cover that it was an infantry fight from the get go.  I also think the presence of the US Squad around teh Bradley protected it from more units throwing RPGs at it.

This battle saw the insurgents not prepared like my previous Crossfire action in Al Amarah, where the US barely won with heavy casualties.  In this instance, I diced for Insurgent starting positions and it made for a much more fluid game.

Rolling for Rules of Engagement and requesting permission to engage a mosque, as well as trying to form Crossfires via Radio (rollinga 4+) was alot of fun.  Same with requesting attack aviation.  More than likely, if we're talking about an operation in Tarmiyah and a major raid planned, Attack Aviation would already have been present.

Tons of fun!  Huzzah!


  1. I look forward to see more in the near future!

  2. Thanks Austin, I hope to not disappoint! Just wait and see the new UAV pics I'll be uploading. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow!


  3. It looks real good Steve! I think I see one of the new HMMWVs sneaking in the background in a few shots. Interesting and well thought out scenario.

  4. very interesting game, those insurgents never stood a chance. they completly cocked up that ambush. well the US will be happy then. lets hope some slightly better insurgents come along or else this invation will be too easy

  5. Nice report. How did you alter Crossfire - like, where'd you find it?

  6. Thanks Ben, there were 2 M1114's in this scenario. I had a 3rd one, but the wheel broke off as I was pulling it out of the packaging.. so one of my gun-trucks is deadlined for now!

  7. Gowan,
    I know the game was so one-sided it was almost disappointing... Next time I'll choose the start-points and the action will heat up right away!


  8. Nick,
    I will post a blog post today with my modern stats. It's all house-rules.


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