Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disposable Heroes Sci Fi: Space Marine of the Salamanders Chapter, 3rd Company

In continuing with my theme from yesterday, I present to you a fireteam, or small squad of Space Marines from the Salamanders Chapter.  These stoic warriors are completely bad-ass and as I'm reading the Salamanders Trilogy I continue to be inspired to paint more of them.  Unfortunately, I only own 5 so I'll have to purchase more...

These guys are kind of an evolution of painting style.  The lighter green ones are painted from a youtube instruction cleverly titled "how to paint salamander space marines" and are an evolution of different coats of various shades of green paint.

The darker chaps are painted the way the EPIC: Armageddon book recommends...spray black.  drybrush snot green.  drybrush scorpion green.  detail.  repeat!  Believe it or not, looking at the Lexicanum, the drybrushed method actually looks more authentic.

Anyways, these guys will be my Space Marine bad-asses for Disposable Heroes Sci Fi.  I plan on fielding 2 "fireteams" of 2 marines along with the Marine Sergeant, for a total of 3 teams.  I am giving them a rate of fire of 3 (maybe 4...) per marine with possibly an accuracy of 6, depending on how the test game works.  I have also devised some special rules for DH such as the "Know No Fear" rule, but I will unveil those at the first battle AAR!  huzzah!  or should I say...For The Emperor!!
Space Marine Salamander Tactical Squad!

Marine Sergeant in background with FREE STYLED, HAND-DRAWN Company Marking...

I am very happy with how this Firedrake turned out, once again I free-handed him since I lost my other decals

Another free-handed Firedrake.  Looks pretty cool.  Sort of personalized.

Here is a GW firedrake decal.

More free handed company markings.

decal on left, free hand on right.  not bad eh?

Painted with the youtube instructions

painted with the Epic: Armageddon instructions.  I know I know, purists will argue that the Epic scale guys are 22mm shorter than their 40k counterparts.  Oh well...I'm not playing in any tourneys anytime soon.  Dont these guys look cool???

tactical formation brothers!  form the anvil!

brother darius..we lack heavy weaponry.  we will not be able to hold out indefinitely against these numbers...

then we will make them pay dearly for our lives.

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