Sunday, August 12, 2012

Disposable Heroes....Imperial Guard Troopers???

"even a man who has nothing can still offer his life." - Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer

I love GW's 40k universe as well as its figures.  I DO NOT love the GW rules system.  So I ended up shopping around until I found a proper set of skirmish rules to use within the GW universe.  That rules set is "Disposable Heroes," which is literally perfect for the level of combat that Warhammer 40K portrays.  Plus the 28mm guys are much more easy to paint.  I came up with combat values for Guardsmen, Space Marines and some elite troops from the 41st millennium.

I had a tactical squad of troopers painted up looking like futuristic Germans rather than Imperial Guardsmen and I ended up repainting one of them in their original khaki scheme with drab armor.

I also, for my birthday, received Wargames Factory's Greatcoated Shock Troops and Defiance Games' UAMC Infantry which I will use for Blood Pact Infantry and Kasrkin elite shock troops for "hard sci-fi" gaming.
Ready to deal death with the Imperial Guard Standard Las-Rifle

Does this combat blouse make my butt look fat?

First person to say something about my short stature and the shorter nature of GW products gets a bayonet in the nose!

I think he turned out quite nicely.

UAMC Infantry which will be used for elite Kasrkin Infantry or Tanith Assault Troops.  I love the futuristic but not-so-futuristic rifle-carbine.  These guys would be perfect for near-future gaming if you're into that sort of thing.

He wasn't easy to assemble but the price and results make it def worth the effort!  (20 dollars for a platoon of them)

Futuristic Ruck Sack.  I doubt in the future they've made heavy loads feel any lighter on the poor old infantry...
So if anyone is interested, I would be more than happy to share my combat values for Disposable Heroes Sci Fi Marines and ground troopers.  I am still working with the values to see what plays better but I have a rough draft if anyone is interested.

Next up will be my Chaos Blood Pact great-coated troopers!  After reading all of the Gaunt's Ghosts Series, I am definitely ready to paint up some blood pact cultist infantry.  They should be more than a match for the IDF troopers or planetary defense forces.

Also I am eager to play my own on-going saga of the Verdan rebellion, a weapons manufacturing planet within the imperium that revolts against its masters and is subject to a massive invasion...



  1. The guys at Iron Ivan have been working on a Sci-fi supplement for Disposable Heroes, but I would be interested in seeing the stats you are working up for the troops.


  2. Killgore,
    You know I almost...almost posted them on the Yahoo group but didn't want to be sued by Greed Workshop and also didn't want to step on any toes up at Iron Ivan, so I'm content using them for my own skirmishes set in the "grim, nightmare future of the 41st millennium".. I will try and upload them through Google Documents or email them to you directly. They are in excel. I would also be very curious what your take on them was.


  3. Yea, I heard the Sci-fi version is in the pipeline still....glad you enjoyed the rules. I love them!

    1. Styx,
      been playing disposable heroes for about a year now and I love it for platoon sized games. Anything over that I feel it gets a little bogged down. For the amount of troops you play with in a 40k game I think its a match made in heaven.

  4. Killgore, (and anyone else interested)
    Here are my home-grown stats for Disposable Heroes set in the grim nightmare of the 41st millennium"...

    Let me know if the link works or not. If not, can email to you but you'll need to send me your email.