Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NVA Regulars: 1st Battalion, 33rd People's Regiment!

Here you go, Paul!  As promised:

Here is my first Battalion completed towards my LZ Xray Project.  These are hardened "regulars" of the 1/33 Infantry Battalion, PAVN.
I opted to spread them out on the bases in order to get that "these guys are trying to over-run us" look, as opposed to a tight fireteam.  That being said, they represent ad-hoc platoon organizations and are banded into Battalions.  Some of them will carry mortars or Recoilless Rifles into combat.  This Battalion does not have its organic weapons platoon with it...yet!
These troops are Command Decision's modern line, and some QRF in there as well as some Peter Pig.  Note the small size of the QRF and PP next to the CD line....
These guys will look great all massed together on the Battlefield!  Did someone say "Broken Arrow?"
we're gonna get you, GI!

love the dude firing, but he looked awful before he was painted.

RPD Gunner on the right

The Battalion massing for another assault!

You gotta love how those bases turned out.

Fearless Battalion HQ stand - your duty is THAT way!

The full battalion assembled.

Favorite pic yet

fanning out for the assault


  1. your work is getting better and better Steven, Nice colour shades on the troops.

    Well done!

  2. Thanks, Paul. I'm starting the second Battalion this week as well as C Company 1-7 Cav. Hopefully that means I'll have a battle ready sometime this year!!