Sunday, September 9, 2012

DAK Rolling Stock: Prime Movers & Transport

Wanted: Trucks to haul men, armaments, ammunition, food, medical supplies, looted local relics, adventurers, the Ark of the Covenant and other various heavy and possibly explosive supplies across North Africa a few times over and over again until they break or are destroyed.  Must accommodate up to 3 tons. Inquire within.

Moving on with my DAK Battlegroup project, I finally finished transport for another Infantry Company and prime movers for my 2 PAK 38s.  The Trucks are 1/100 model Opel Blitz Trucks from Zvezda and the Krupp Protze Trucks are Battlefront.  In actuality, the Protze's may not always haul the anti tank guns around.  In other games, they may be carriers for the mortar platoon, heavy weapons, or even other Infantry platoons from my DAK Infantry Battalion.
It is definitely safe, however, to assume they will immediately be assigned to my DAK Infantry Battalion, as my Armor Battalion will have only limited wheeled assets.  (recon Sdkfz 222, Forward Artillery Observer also in a 222, and command radio vehicle also in a 222.) Huzzah!  

These things were a pain in the ass to put together.  But they were a bargain.  With shipping cost me the same as 2 battlefront trucks.  You do the math.

The white dry brush gives them that dusty, driven across the desert look to them.  My Humvee in Iraq looked tan by the time our tour had ended.  When it first got to Kuwait it was green NATO camo!!  Bottom line is I don't think you can dry brush enough on desert vehicles.

The Protze.

You know, guys, you don't have to all sit so close to each other, there is plenty of room in the rest of the back to sit.


  1. Nice work all around Steven, the windscreens look great.

    1. Thanks Paul! They're just black with whit drybrush. Some day I hope to use the multi-colored shading to make them look more "reflective"

  2. Nice model work and painting. As to the close seating... it does get cold in the desert! (My dad served in North Africa.)

    1. John - fair enough! I have often said Iraq was the "coldest, wettest desert I've ever been to" so you are quite right and I forgive the Landsers for staving off the cold..