Sunday, October 7, 2012

1/100 Panzer III Command Unit

I am slowly but surely building my DAK Armor Battalion for either Blitzkrieg Commander, GHQ, Spearhead, or other rules set.  Luckily, the above mentioned games follow extremely similar lines of organization so I can switch rules without much difficulty.

I'm following Pete Jone's recommendation in the BKC 1st edition rules for a 2500 point Afrika Korps force and will field a brigade consisting of 3 battalions - 1 Armor Battalion, 1 Infantry Battalion, and I'm going to lump my specialist units into a Special Troops Battalion (engineers, AAA, trans, FAC, etc) to be doled out as the battle needs.

For the Armor Battalion HQs, I thought using a 250 halftrack or 222 Radio vehicle might look silly with all those panzers so I am using a Zvezda 1/100 Panzer III.  I have a boatload of them still in the closet and didn't think using one for a command unit would be too bad.
I apologize for the odd lighting...hides the mistakes!

still cant' get over how nice dry-brushing the hard lines looks

Rommel's lightning fast offensives were spearheaded by Panzer IIIs

Decals are from my POC Miniatures box!  What a bargain. This unit is from the 21st Panzer Division!

The Zvezda model is actually pretty nice.  And at under 5 dollars, a bargain.

What a day.  In addition to finishing up this bad boy, I've knocked out another regiment for my Talavera Brits.  Actually a Spanish Regiment to be placed comfortably behind a redoubt on Stationary the entire battle....

Coming Up Next:  The Spanish Estremadura Regiment!

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