Sunday, October 21, 2012

Progress...Or Lack Thereof!

Well this weekend didn't go off quite as planned - and all I have to show for it are some poorly painted Napoleonic troops, and a bunch of "almost started" games of "A Fistful of TOWS III" in World War II.

The plan was this: Friday would kick off "Rules-A-Palooza" here at the house.  I was to play numerous battles, all with the same force, same scenario, and same support teams, however all with different rules sets.  THEN I was going to rate my favorite rules, submit to The Miniatures Page, and watch the comment traffic pour in.

I have now read and practiced enough of FFT3 that I "think" I can handle a game...  Hopefully my reading comprehension is still there because the rules book is over 400 pages long.  Seriously.  Granted, much of it are the authors' analysis, methodology, and of course, the exquisite data tables - but you need a weekend to learn all of the subtle concepts in the "commercially available" rules such as special ammunition, special armor, and specialist unit capabilities.  Believe it or not, I am thinking I actually prefer the free "Introductory Rules" better.  Much simpler.

So when I wasn't depressing myself by thumbing through those rules, I was slapping paint on Napoleon's brother, the "king" of Spain, Joseph Bonaparte, or as I like to call him "Joe."

I was able to finish about 80% of my KGL Cavalry Brigade for Volley and Bayonet, as well as the beginning stages of a French Dragoon Brigade as well.  I finished my French Artillery crew, and mounted them on pennies with flock.

By the way - This is the perfect solution to the Volley and Bayonet 50% base size problem - Pennies.  They're a virtually inexaustable source of basing material, and are roughly the same approximation to the 50% reduced bases as the 1.5" are to the 3" stands!  So I'm using pennies for Division Commanders, Skirmish Units, and now, Artillery Crewmembers.  I'm thinking of using each crew-member as a strength point for Volley and Bayonet batteries and battalions.  Pretty neat huh?  Lose a strength point? Remove 1 crew member.  No paper.

Okay onto the excuses!  It seemed every time I sat down to fight my FFT3 engagement this weekend, something happened that interrupted me, or kept me from getting through a turn.  I attempted set up about 4 times, only to be stopped through but other, more important things.

So going to try this game sometime during the week and we'll see how it goes.  Next time you read a post, it should be a US Task Force slicing its way through a DAK Battalion somewhere in North Africa.

At least we got in the large, halloween Warmaster game though.  That's one engagement off the list!  Huzzah!


  1. Life does get in the way of living, doesn't it?

    What were the sides of your Warmaster game?

    1. John,
      I played Orc and Empire in 1:72 plastic (mostly Caesar figures) with a little help from Zvezda who provided the Orc Rock Lobba and the Empire Great Cannon (their medieval field arty set and the Orion siege weapon set). Also purchased some dirt cheap D&D Trolls for the Orc force. It's all part of my "Warmaster on the cheap" project that is constantly evolving!