Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DAK Specialist Troops...Getting There!

What's with all this productivity lately?  Probably the weather.  Bad weather here usually means a spike in hobby activity.  As well as snacking...

I finally finished my DAK Engineer Platoon for my Infantry Battalion, and the Battalion Mortars.  Their transport arrived in-country with no paint whatsoever, so I'll be slapping on the basecoat tonight.  The AT Company will also be showing off their final paint job / weathering this evening.

Check out the 251/7....this is the Engineers' primary ride.  The assault bridge, while laughably cheap looking, is assembled out of balsa wood strips and while it won't win any awards, there won't be a gamer in the room who won't know what it is and what it's used for.  Especially when I'm crossing small anti tank ditches with it and close assaulting with a +3 column shift (GHQ rules) or a ton of attack dice in close combat (BKC rules).

DAK Infantry Battalion Mortars.  I think an 81mm mortar, but it'll be whatever I want it to be.  

Figures are Command Decision.  I love the poses.

The Feldwebel is saying:  how embarrassing!  You idiots forgot to paint the side of our base!  DAK Sapper Platoon. 

PAK 38s with camo

The lines turned out better than the spots.

PionierPanzerWagon Sdkfz 251/7.  cant wait to get some paint  on it and  get it finished.

The assault bridge made out of balsa wood.  Laughable?  Maybe.  Cheap?  Yes.  Effective?  Works for me!

Who wouldn't love these guys?  The guy on the far left is my fav...

"You ate the last slice of pepperoni did you???"
Up next?  The LAST unit of my German North Afrika Force - the Machine Gun platoon.  Then I'm DONE with a project.  It will be back into Ostfront, NW Europe, and we will start our Market Garden forces next starting with the British Paras.  That is...after I start and finish my Desert Rats.  Huzzah!


  1. Warmaster orcs in the DAK... man, you've got some interesting games. Nice work on the Afrika Korps troops.

  2. John,
    I should have explained. The orc band will not be joining my DAK infantry battalion - but that would definitely make for some awesome kit-bashed 28mm stuff! Rommel's finest - the Afrika Korps Orcs!!!