Saturday, November 3, 2012

From the Procurement Department...

Hurricane Sandy really put a crimp in my blogging and gaming pursuits.  Had planned on getting some more Nappy units done, as well as some snazzy "march column markers" but those plans were put on hold due to an activation at work for the hurricane.  Well now that that's winding down, I am getting ready to do some gaming!  Was thinking of testing out GHQ's infantry rules and seeing how they "play" out.

My Sherman tanks and halftracks are screaming for their drybrush!  And I have some desert rats who need their uniforms!!!

It's also been awhile since I've purchased anything so I thought I'd take this quick minute to post my new wishlist for the remainder of 2012:

  • Point of Contact 15mm German Halftracks
  • PSC 15mm Sherman Tanks (thinking M4A1 or the Easy Eight)
  • PSC Russian Heavy Weapons
  • 15mm Jagdpanther (OG x 3)
  • 15mm German PAK 40 pack (OG x 4)
  • Zvezda Matilda IIs (x3)
  • Kallistra 10mm Orc Heavy Chariots
  • Kallistra WOTR Billmen
  • Kallistra HYW Organ Gun

That's actually everything!  There isn't too much more I am going to need in the gaming / hobby department except some new brushes and possibly some new paints.  I am at a point when I'm still expanding the 15mm WWII department so there are many, many more German units to paint up, my Desert Rats to start, my British Paras to knock out, and some German SS to complete as well.  It's quite a heavy lift!


  1. Some new paints?! Is this a subtle hint at an experimental purchase of some Vallejo products?! :-D

    1. Dave,
      Well for starters, there are many "experimental" things going here at Sound Officers Call. For starters, your Army Painter "dip" which I am seriously considering, and 10mm / 15mm Modern Armor, which has been bugging me for awhile now.

      And don't forget those legions of 10mm Kallistra Fantasy either.

      As far as paints go, I "may or may not" be looking at Vallejo's Flames of War German set...

  2. David is right Vallejo all the way!

    1. Oh no, Paul, don't tell me you're in the Vallejo mafia as well!!

  3. Hope you survied Sandy well enough, we watched her blow by in Florida...I am glad my wife didn't sign up for the New England cruise that week instead we went to the Eastern Carab!

  4. Styx,
    More like an annoyance for us here in South Eastern PA. We lost power for a couple days but nothing worse than what some people in NJ and NY (and parts of PA, MD, and WV) are going through now.
    I think the Eastern Carab. is a much better choice!! Excellent decision!