Saturday, November 24, 2012

Liebster Blog Award!

*Insert acceptance speech here.*  

Ben from Ben's Soldiers has nominated Sound Officers Call for an award!  Ben is a toy soldier enthusiast and gamer who has done some excellent work in the modelling and painting department, as well as kit-bashing figures.  I have always enjoyed reading his after action reviews and also and quite keen on seeing his latest projects.

The rules are that now I have to nominate 5 people for the award also, so here goes:

Dave F, my bester kamarade from  Unlike me, Dave has a blog for each genre, and is now, as we very speak, working on an exciting Inter War project that he has started a new blog for.  I am looking forward to seeing his interwar German commander with the Dachshund!

JFaria from O Brigadeiro, and not just because he's Portuguese, although that doesn't hurt since my wife is also Portuguese (Fundao, Castelo Branco).  If I can convince her that her fellow countrymen are also gamers, she's much more likely to let me spend money on my many armies, right?

O Brigadeiro is an outstanding blog, and Senhor Faria is extremely skilled.  His work is inspiring!

Nick Grant from 20mm Gamer is next up, without question!  Love his blog, his hobbying skills and after action reports are equally inspiring!

Secundus over at Iron Mitten is one of my favorite blogs on my reader.  His cartoons are literally Second To None.  My last active duty assignment in the Army was as a Recruiting Company Commander.  His "Join the Roman Army" recruiting poster is one of my favorites.

Monty at Monty's War Gaming is another of my favorite blogs.  After I saw what he could do with 1/72 Scale Troops, it was all over.  Also, Monty got me into "Cross of Iron."  I was hooked.

That is all for now.


  1. well done on the award. I wonder how long this is going to carry on before the people eligible for the award all have one.

  2. Congrats on the nomination! Nice advertising for the other blogs!


  3. Hi Steven.

    Many thanks for the nomination award!

    E um beijinho (com todo o respeito) para a esposa (please ask to your wife to translate) ;))

    Best wishes

    Jorge Faria

  4. Nice choices. And thanks for the reference :D
    Anyway, congratulations, your site deserved it.