Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Big Cats and Polka Dots

Still trying out vehicle camo.  I used the tutorial on Battlefront's Website about "the art of hinterhalt" or whatever it was called.

I think my efforts paid off at least in part.  Although the pictures kind of stink, the Panther turned out pretty well.  There are some minor detailing tasks left (like the pioneer kit, track weathering, and covering up some minor mistakes) but overall I'm pleased.

Tune in tomorrow for my desert rat completed M3 Lee-Grant with none other than Pip Roberts in the TC hatch!  You can see how far some brown wash and dry-brushing can go.  Huzzah!
The decals are from Point of Contact.  Kind of cheap, but then how can you argue with 5 minis and decals for 20 dollars?

The dots turned out very nicely.

His good side...

Rear deck.  Could use some kit and other miscellaneous items.

TC was mustachioed.  I have never seen that before in a battlefront miniature.

before the first coat.

german armor yellow introduced.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Styx! I was much happier with this one than the last Panther I did.

  2. They finished tanks look very good. Unfortunately it reminds me that I have three Hasegawa panthers I picked up at the hobby show that I need to finish!

    1. Ben,
      Get on those Panthers! Most awesome tank of the war.

  3. That looks pretty sharp, if you ask me.

  4. Pretty great for the scale Stephen, leave the rear deck alone, it looks fine and with the Panther a definite fire risk!

    1. Thanks, Paul. I will take your advice. wouldn't want a fire hazard riding around on my Panther's back!

  5. Agree with Paul. These metal kits seem to have a presence altogether different from the plastic kits, I am accustomed to. I find them hard to paint, generally. But the effect you have created has the appearance of one tough-lookin' tank - one you wouldn't want to meet down a dark bocage-lined alley... A fine vehicle.

    1. Ion,
      You're looking at the centerpiece of my Normandy SS counterattack force. Probably paint up a few more of these guys. If I was good at modeling foliage, I'd have put some on the vehicle too. A real Kurt Meyer special. Thanks for commenting.