Saturday, December 29, 2012

Portuguese Cacadore & Chocolate Chip Camo?

I am all about saving a buck or two.  I was looking at the HaT Peninsula Brits the other day with their brown undercoat thinking "gee, I wonder what would happen if I kept the brown on and painted up a Cacadore?"  Typically I like to undercoat troops with red coats brown for shading.  This worked out well and very conveniently!

So here you go.  I had to remove the frog, part of the Bess, and of course whittle away at his hat device but here is a Cacadore skirmisher for my modest Portuguese Division in Volley & Bayonet.  A few more dozen of these guys and I'm ready for a skirmish game of "This Very Ground" set in Portugal or Spain in 1808-09.

The chopped down Bess came out well also.  I probably could have put more detail into the hat decorations.

I like this pose.  Like he's dashing for cover.

The picture shows some of the chewed up plastic where the frog used to be.

With the flocking my wife tells me the ground in parts of Portugal looks like this.  You can't get mais perfeito authentic than that!  

Next up and in honor of "Stormin' Normin'" I decided to test out my Chocolate Chip Desert Camo for my up and coming Mogadishu Ranger platoon.  All I had with an undercoat on was this German Panzergrenadier...So here you go, Fritz.

I need a few more black and white marks on it but the colors, which were what I was trying to test out, are the most important thing.  While not exact, you get the idea for shades very well.  The experiment was a success and I'm going to go with these colors for my "Mog" Rangers and Delta.  Huzzah!

Look past his kit and uniform and nationality...the camo looks great!

More black and white spots but otherwise the colors were a success


  1. Very nice figures, great work!

  2. nice work! great work on the cammo and I love the transformation of line infantary to skirmisher

    1. Thank you, Gowan. The HaT guys really are very easy to change around. They even came with headgear that had appropriate badges and insignia for both riflemen and Cacadores.

      The cammo was me playing around for my Mog Ranger platoon.

  3. The skirmisher looks great, and the chocolate-chip is awesome! What figures do you plan to use?

    1. Thanks, Ben. I'll be using my modern US GIs from Caesar for the Mogadishu guys. I was tempted to use the old ESCI styled guys. That is still a possibility, however the helmet with the Caesar Modern US INfantry guys is still the first generation kevlar so it works. The web gear, however is another story.

      The Rangers in Mogadishu used the old Y Straps with the mag pouches if I'm not mistaken. I might have to purchase a box of them...

  4. Hi - First thanks for following my Blog - Second what color did you use for the Cacadore - I have about 16 Foundry cacadores I need to do that I picked up in Scotland in 2011.

    Cheers David VFW

    1. David,
      Thank you for following my blog as well. I used GW's "Scorched Brown" for the Cacadore as I thought it was the closest color I had to what was in the Osprey books. There is a cheap line of acrylics we sell in our craft and hobby stores over here in the US called "folk art." The closest color in that range for your Cacadores would be "maple syrup." I am not sure if it's available "across the pond" but would be worth a look.

      I am not sure what GW calls it now after their color name change debacle, but I'm sure it's not hard to find out the fate of scorched brown.

      I still need to add the detail coat - which will be scorched brown with a little white added to bring out the detail highlights.

      Thanks for commenting and tune in often. Welcome to Sound Officers Call.


    2. Hey Steven actually I am here in the US - in Atlanta Georgia
      I have lots of scorched brown - Have not noticed Maple syrup in the folk art brand but will have to check. You must enjoy being so close to all the HMGS conventions - I spent 4 months in Scotland in 2011, and of course got in some gaming.
      The only thing I don't like about GW is they went and changed their colors and the new pots are not user friendly. (well I have a hard time getting them to stay open.

      While job hunting this year I hope to spend some more time gaming.

      Cheers in the New Year

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