Thursday, December 27, 2012

To Do List...

I have GOT to do some new stuff around here...

Not that there's anything wrong with World War II games.  In fact I'm planning a huge World War II game - Game 3 of my Kharkov Campaign which will see a large Soviet contested river crossing operation.

That being said, what do I have in the works?  well for starters, I need to play some OTHER games unless I get burned out.

The way I figure it, publishing it on my blog just may pressure me into actually gaming these games.

-Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy Modern Baghdad Game (if it works out well, I'll start my Mogadishu US Ranger platoon and my Somalis)

-MicroForce ACW Game: The Slaughter Pen (Gettysburg) (if it works out well, I'll tweak the rules to support AWI actions)

-Volley & Bayonet Game: Napoleonics Peninsula Battle

- Force on Force demo game.  Good practice for the rules.

- LZ X Ray Project full steam ahead for the actual battle.  Hopefully by Spring!

Then of course, my WWII Kharkov Campaign game, naturally :)  Won't move too far from WWII


  1. Good luck, I have a stack of projects around my work area also. WW2 28mm Germans, 40k Warhammer Chaos, Space Wolves and Dark Angels plus Super Hero/Villains, Old West, Gladiators, Pirates and Strange Aeons.

  2. Thanks, Styx. I am no stranger to projects backing up. I have only finished a small handful in the last few years. I would really like to at least play these games - I need some different games!

    Also thinknig about writing some of my own rules again.