Saturday, June 1, 2013

A New (Old) Scale...

After a recent trip to Gettysburg I was regaling my wife with stories of epic battles with toy soldiers in my backyard with my old 54mm toy soldiers.  Family members and landscapers continue to dig up casualties and relics of those past wars to include my old US Army timmee toy Vietnam styled GIs, airfix Brit paras (whom I always used as OPFOR), late 19th century British howitzers used by the OPFOR, and of COURSE the "dollar store" M-48 patton tanks that usually came 2 to a pack (also used as OPFOR tanks).

While in Gettysburg, I spied the tourist-trap 10 dollar bags of BMC Civil War Infantry troopers.  That got me REALLY thinking back.  When I was 14 years old, I gamed some of Jackson's Valley Campaign in my backyard, using landscaping river rocks as Brigade units.  When the units clashed, I fought a battle with my BMC cheap toy soldiers.

That catapults me into the present with this humble post.  On the drive home I was feeling quite nostalgic for those days and I went online and bought some IMEX and BMC 1/32 scale troopers.

I also found some cool 54mm wargaming rules to go with them and am going to paint up some Regiments once the hobby area is completed.  This should be alot easier on the eyes too.  If it works out, I'll try my hand at AWI as well.

That all being said, I'm sure everyone is eagerly looking forward to some gaming posts as well!  I'm thinking Monday or Tuesday next week I'll post some World War II Spearhead Action in 20mm since it's been awhile.  Would be a great opportunity to show off my completed Armourfast WWII Armor.  how about a local German counter-attack?


  1. Good news!
    I'll have to post some shots of my old 54mm guys. I have PILES of them lol.
    A good step up in quality from BMC are the guys by Armies in Plastic.
    Luckily I got most of my ACW figures at a massive discount. Many of them are reissues of the great old Accurate figures.

  2. Ben,
    Nice! Please post those pics - depending on how the crappy BMC guys look, I'll buy some nicer ones.